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  * Currently working to help improve the [ Xfce Live][ Spin]
  * Currently working to help improve the [ Xfce Live][ Spin]
  * Currently contributing to the unofficial [ Security Spin]
  * Currently contributing to the unofficial [ Security Spin]
* Wrote a small Firefox addon to [ search Fedora pkgdb easily.]
=== Other ===
=== Other ===

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  • Name : Adam John Miller
* Location  : Texas
* O/S       : Fedora (stable release)
* E-mail    : maxamillion AT gmail DOT com
* IRC       : maxamillion @ 

About me

I've been a GNU/Linux user since December 1999.

I have an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and plan to get a masters degree in Computer Science with a focus in Software Engineering. My main goal within the Open Source community is to become a core developer of a project as soon as I feel comfortable with my programming skills in a large project environment.

Skill Set

I am comfortable coding in Python, Java, C, C++, and I have some experience with Ada83 but am horridly out of practice. I know some Intel-x86 and MIPS assembly but prefer to not ever code in either. I'm always dabbling in different programming languages because I find them fascinating but haven't found another language in my dabbling that I feel comfortable enough with to claim as a "skill".

I am a fedora packager, so I guess I would consider "packaging RPMs" one of my skills. Though I would like to thank all the developers involved an making the build environment because the incredible tools available really do make packaging a breeze.

Experience with debian and Fedora/RHEL/CentOS server administration (in an array of implementations) and general (desktop) use.

My Open Source Contributions

My Relation to the Fedora Project

I have found my way to Fedora after an eight year journey of using other distributions and have now made myself a home. I am currently a Fedora packager and plan to continue this for the foreseeable future. I still enjoy playing around with other distros but prefer to develop/package for Fedora as this project is the one that puts forth my own personal beliefs in software freedom as well as keeping up with wonderful quality assurance, a helpful community, inspiring innovation, and an over all solid distribution. I also am a RHEL administrator by profession which is what brought me to the Fedora project to begin with.

My Relation to debian GNU/Linux

There is a similar wiki page that belongs to me located here that is also no longer "maintained". I do still run debian on some machines as well as fedora on others. I enjoy both linux distros in their own respect and have in the past contributed to debian in various ways but will probably stop doing so in the future. I still enjoy debian in many ways but as my future takes me further into the professional market, I have become more focused on RedHat/Fedora oriented undertakings.

UPDATE: I said goodbye to my last remaining debian install, I want to leave this listing because I do still respect the project in a big way but my future is with fedora.

My Relation to Nexenta OS

There is a similar wiki of mine located here that is also no longer "maintained". It exists in respect to my support of the gnu/opensolaris project and my hope that the debian community will accept gnu/opensolaris as an official port of debian.

My Relation to Xubuntu

There is a similar wiki of mine located here that is no longer "maintained." It includes all of my relation to the Xubuntu project, which is a project I still support and attempt to help as I can because I personally agree with what the goals of the project are, but I have left the project for the most part due to conflict of interest and the unfortunate side effect of "real life" getting in the way. While I have in the past slandered Ubuntu greatly for it instabilities and inconsistencies, it does appear the project is slowly beginning to turn itself around.

Support & Bug Triage

* Tech support in #fedora, #rhel, and #centos on
* Active in bugzilla


* Currently a packager for fedora, my packages here.
* Currently developing a very small app/script to send email called pymail
* Currently a fedora xfce SIG member
* Currently a fedora KDE SIG member
* Currently working to help improve the Xfce LiveSpin
* Currently contributing to the unofficial Security Spin
* Wrote a small Firefox addon to search Fedora pkgdb easily.


* Currently a fedora Ambassador (Verification)

Plans & Goals

I hope to continue to contribute to open source as a whole by developing custom applications, patching and packaging, giving support on irc support channels, writing wiki pages and documentation, and so much more.