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Porfirio Andrés Páiz Carrasco
Personal information
Location: Managua, Nicaragua

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Twitter: porfiriopaiz

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FAS name: porfiriopaiz
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Porfirio A. Páiz

Hi, my name is Porfirio and I'm a fedora user since 2011. I started using GNU/Linux with fedora 15.


I studied Civil Engineering at the National University of Engineering of Nicaragua.


Contact info

Personal e-mail



For Jabber communications on my mobile phone I use Conversations, which supports OMEMO, an XMPP Extension Protocol (XEP) for secure multi-client end-to-end encryption.

On my Desktop I use Jabber with Gajim, for adding OMEMO support follow this guide:


I use telegram for the official fedora channel and many unofficial fedora related groups.