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About me:

I am not a computer professional, but rather am a finance and accounting ´s professional , but I am fond of everything that has to do with these things is my hobby, recently started using Fedora in version 15 (Verne) but I really like this distro up to the point of wanting to support in any way with Fedora.

What do I do at Fedora?

Roles I am part of the Fedora Nicaragua Team also I am a active contributors as Ambassadors, Freemedia and Desing. I like to edit the FedoraNi's videos


Since 2011 I have been participating at local FOSS events and at 2013 I have been helping in events organisation of the local Fedora's comunity.

As assistant

  1. F16 Realese Party
  2. F17 Realese Party
  3. Fedora School 05

As colaborator

  1. Fedora School 01
  2. Flisol12
  3. Fedora School 03
  4. Fedora School 04
  5. Flisol 2013

At Owner

  1. Fedora School 02
Usuario de Linux 547668

Fedora Account

  • FAS : williamjmorenor
  • Nick IRC: viperboy001
  • Channels: #fedora-latam - #fedora-ni
  • Mail: williamjmorenor(at)fedoraproject(dot)org
  • Blog:

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