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What's happening now

Current phase: #Get.fp.o feedback and #Spins.fp.o feedback


This is a project to redesign and that is being undertaken during the F12 release cycle by the Websites team with assistance from Design and Infrastructure.


Redesign the and sites in a way that fits the requirements. We will determine metrics for improvement during the feedback-gathering phases, but in general, we want more Fedora contributors, and our strategy for this is getting more Fedora users.

The Board's goals in the Website redesign are[1]:

  • To make Fedora fresh, attractive, and inclusive for potential participants and contributors
  • To more effectively promote a single instance of Fedora that satisfies the computing needs of the average person
  • To provide an improved showcase opportunity for Fedora spins created by the community



Requirements gathering

See Website redesign 2009 requirements for and design requirements.

First design mockups

Mockups currently found here:

Site map

(from Mo)

I numbered the pages to hopefully make for easier discussion.

Here's the current mockup for each page:




4) no mockup yet

5) this is the actual ISO file


7) no mockup yet

8) no mockup yet

9) no mockup yet

10-13) mockup sorely out of date but: 20Spins/Wireframes/spindetailsmock4.png

Let me tell you where I intend to go from here, in order:

- I'm going to update the spins directory page (#3) to list the spins in order of popularity by default, and also let users tab over to view the spins in alpha order

- I'm going to add a content block to the spins directory page to explain what a spin is and link out to other spin-related resources (e.g. wiki page on how to roll your own)

- I'm going to use some of Toshio's suggestions for the get-fedora page (#2) and play around with the balance between the DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!111 option and the 'other options' option. I'll probably make a few iterations here and solicit your input.

- I'm going to create an updated mockup for the spins details pages (10-13).

- I'm going to solicit feedback for all of these by posting stuff to this list when it's done as well as making posts to Planet Fedora.

- By next Friday I am hoping to close out the feedback period so I can crank out the rest of the work (which is hopefully less controversial) so I can get the websites team a solid set of mockups by Sept. 20 for the spins and by Sept. 27 for the FPO-related stuffs.

- F12 comes out and the new site design comes out. Hopefully you don't all hate me at this point and we have a website that at least most if not everyone can be proud of (if not at least unashamed of. :) )

First get.fp.o mockups

This task is owned by Mo Duffy.


  1. User arrives at download either through this front page or this slightly more detailed get-fedora page.
  2. After hitting download, user sees this after-page with instructions on what to do next.

First spins.fp.o mockups

This task is owned by Mo Duffy.

Workflow: (Need diagram captured from whiteboard 2009-08-07)

  1. spins.fp.o page: mockup
  2. clicking on an individual spin puts you at that spin's page: here's an example (still under construction)


A feedback thread is ongoing at the fedora-advisory-board list.

Get.fp.o feedback

This task is owned by Mo Duffy.

Spins.fp.o feedback

This task is owned by Mo Duffy.

Final design mockups

This task is owned by Mo Duffy.

Convert to html

This task is owned by Hiemanshu Sharma.

Get on infrastructure

This task is owned by Ricky Zhou.

  1. Refer to notes here and here for more information.