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Roll Call

  • Board Members: Dimitris Glezos, Paul Frields, John Poelstra, Mike McGrath, Josh Boyer, Matt Domsch, Bill Nottingham, Tom Callaway, Christopher Aillon
  • Regrets: Dennis Gilmore

Sponsorship follow-up

  • Provide guidance as to what people can or cannot get sponsorship for
  • Meeting:Board_meeting_2009-06-11#Status_of_sponsorship_work
  • Discuss Paul's draft and bannering proposal
  • We do have links back to mirrors' organization from the mirror page (built into MirrorManager)
  • Singular web apps or sites providing banner ads for hosting providers of those particular sites
  • Dollar values removed from sponsorship levels because dollar values do not always map well to realized value
  • Need a catch-all for extraordinary services that we want to reward where it may not fit well with existing levels as described
    • "Board may reward those services as they see fit"
  • John asks, "What does the 'substantial input into the performance management process' mean?"
    • Paul explains over the course of 7 minutes
    • Spot suggests this be elided for now
    • too much language-lawyering
    • Entire coverage of personnel is probably unnecessary, at least right now
    • "If you're interested in delivering man-hours, contact the Board"
  • ACTION: Paul to revise and resubmit, should be able to close on mailing list

Review of security notification plan

gnaughty issue

  • Summary:
    • No strong objections to it remaining in distro, but it would be inappropriate for the default spin
    • only registered material objection is the "Teens" category, which advertises itself as something problematic, regardless of what's actually there
    • not our responsibility to police content behind the app, anymore than for other downloading apps (firefox, et al.)
    • Does not include content of a pornographic or offensive nature, thus, no reason to exclude it (c.f.
    • spot: Board reserves the right to restrict which packages are included on the official spins
      • In this case, we are leveraging that right and require that gnaughty not be on official spins
      • paul: Board is responsible for enforcing trademark policies, and we do not feel that it is necessarily proper to associate this with the Fedora trademarks ((add to policy as it pertains to this issue?))
  • policy could be something as generic as "packages which may be morally objectionable by a majority of our target audience may not be included on a spin which bears the Fedora logo. The Board is the arbiter of packages in this case".

I think it's important to not leave this completely open that the Board may randomly dictate package lists (caillon)

  • RESOLUTION: Spot will lift the FE-Legal hold
  • ACTION: Paul to make sure Board wiki page includes this responsibility and any others that have been enumerated to date

Fedora target

  • Spot proposal
    • Meeting:Board_meeting_2009-06-11#What_is_Fedora
    • TomCallaway/SpinPriorities
    • Spot is trying to call out "Who is Fedora's target audience?" versus "What is Fedora?"
    • Target audience on a per-spin level
    • That being said, there's still a default spin, and a default target audience
      • Lots of discussion ensues
      • A counter proposal of positioning Fedora as 'distro-next'; where upstream would go to integrate their new code
  • Board discussed proposal at great length
    • ramifications of defining target audience on a per-spin basis
    • where do we get future contributor pipeline for, if we restrict audience?
    • Usability is one factor, target audience is another
    • Can we focus our discussions into specific questions?
  • Board agrees we need a single default spin
  • spot's proposal generally agreeable, caillon to bring his at next meeting
  • After both proposals are reviewed, focus on list of questions we *can* and *should* answer, acknowledging that "What is Fedora?" is overly broad and misleading.
  • ACTION: Chris to bring proposal to next meeting

Domain licenses

  • Status of letters sent to current users of


  • Pending requests
    • Dennis Gilmore: and
      • Mike has already talked to Dennis
    • Andy York:
      • Paul has talked with Andy
      • Board to deal with this on ML
  • ACTION: Mike to work on transferring Dennis's names to Fedora Infrastructure
  • ACTION: Paul to get Board consensus on Andy's domain and move forward from there

List monitors

Next meeting

  • TBA, might be collision with MLS conference