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Do you think you might need swags and budget for an event? Here are few things to keep in mind:

  • Fedora is a community-driven project, although we try to fund and support most of the events, we also expect an understanding and respect the project's spending limits.
  • It's great to have Ambassadors by your side, make the most of the existing regional community while planning events.
  • Start with a Fedora Calendar Event such as a Release Party. This will give an advocate to learn the process of hosting events (creating wikis, ML etiquettes and tickets)
  • Explicit is better than Implicit. When in doubt, always ask for help.

Current monetary limit of Advocate Budget is USD 100.

Filing Swags/Budget Request

Budget Request is a very generic way to ask for funding assistance from Mindshare. Mindshare curates all the requests and decides on the approval within 21 working days of the request filed. Here's how a generic budget request looks like (this one is an example of Release Party which happened in India).

FAS ID of Advocate: <your-name>
FAS ID of Ambassador: sumantrom (you can put as many names tagging them in the ticket)
Event Time:
05/07/2018 1000-1200 IST
Event Location:
somewhere, some-country, some-region
Target Audience:
Students (About 50 people)
Wiki Page:
Budget Breakdown:
USD 10 - Banners and posters
USD 50 - Cake
Total : USD 60
Swags Required : Buttons and Stickers

File a new issue at mindshare repo

Approval Mechanism

  • Mindshare believes in taking a more community friendly approach, which implies, one or multiple members from mindshare will comment on the issue and mostly sharing their personal experiences of events.
  • Mindshare on the basis of open voting/discussion on the issue will declare one of the following results:
  1. Fully Approved : This means the mindshare believes and trusts in the Advocates to execute the event(s) with mentorship from concerned Ambassador.
  2. Partially Approved : This typically means, although the event goals are apt and justified, mindshare has reasons to believes it lacks alignment with the goals of the region and by extension can be brought down to a lower budget. This might include a lot of budget expenditure in travelling to other cities. The current limit of travel budget is USD 25
  3. Re-evaluation/Denied: This means mindshare and the Ambassadors agree on the fact that, more thought might go into planning which can qualify this event for approval some other time.