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Fedora EMEA Board Elections

This entity is brand new and therefore has certain requirements that will go away in the future.
To be able to run for Board, you will need to physically attend FOSDEM2008 on February 23rd in Brussels, Belgium.
To be able to vote, you will need to physically attend FOSDEM2008 on February 23rd in Brussels, Belgium.
Before being able to elect a Board, the Statutes will need it's motion to pass during the vote on February 23rd, in Brussels, Belgium. Again, to be able to vote you'll need to attend there.

Candidates may be any member of the Ambassadors group in the Fedora Accounts System. This helps ensure that Fedora EMEA Board members have some experience with the processes of Fedora and Fedora Ambassadors, but still allows relatively new contributors to sit on the Fedora EMEA Board.

Candidates must self-nominate at least two days before the voting period opens by writing their information onto the wiki (Fedora account, email and irc nick, statement of past contributions and what they hope to accomplish while a member of the Fedora EMEA Board.)

  • Nominations Periods: From February 9th, 2008 to February 21st, 2008
  • Voting Period: February 23rd, 2008


There's a draft of the Statutes in this thread


Dimitris Glezos (glezos)

  • Name: Dimitris Glezos
  • Country: Greece
  • DimitrisGlezos
  • Candidate statement
  • My goal is to increase Fedora's contributors and developers in Europe. Fedora is so much more than just the distribution and marketing: in my mind, above all it's about people and how they work together. Europe has a great advantage of having small distances -- we should leverage it to make the European Fedora ecosystem grow in a stable and strong rhythm. To make the Fedora European community thrive.
  • Contributor profile
  • I've worked extensively on the engineering level of Fedora Localization, making sure our 2000+ translators (more than 40 full-time payed by Red Hat) have the tools they need to work efficiently. Under the role of Fedora Localization Ninja, I developed and continue working on Transifex, our brand new localization platform, that increased the number of languages Fedora is shipped, the number of our localized software, and their quality. Under this role, I coordinated twice the mass-move of development projects related to Fedora from legacy Red Hat systems to Fedora Infrastructure.
  • I've worked in organizing the Localization Project with language teams, and worked with Rel Eng, Infra and QA to make sure L10n is in their agenda where needed.
  • Held a position on the Fedora Documentation Steering Committee, and worked with the Websites team in redesigning of our websites to increase usability and accessibility.
  • Past events: FOSDEM '07, Red Hat Summit '07, GUADEC '07 (talk), (talk), FUDCon Raleigh 2008
  • Future plans
  • So many, so many plans! Some of these are concrete TODOs, some are ideas floating in my head.
  • Localization stuff:
  • I'd like to continue working on our Localization platform and make it the best in the world. Make it intuitive, with minimum overheads. Give the support our translators they need to be able to reach out to the more than 60% of our users who use localized desktops -- some of our future ideas are at L10N/Tools/Plans . Also, give the support our developers need to get their resources localized with minimum overhead.
  • Get more (non-Fedora) projects on board with Transifex, and bridge our translation communities together.
  • Get a Greek localized spin going and produce spins for every language in Europe.
  • Work with other EMEA ambassadors with any help they need in events, help them get stuff done. Mediate between other Fedora projects/teams for any support they might need.
  • Investigate how the law (in particular patents) differs in Europe and USA and study whether and how we could ship stuff that are not allowed in the US but are 100% legal in Europe, or in some of its countries.

Fabian Affolter (fab)

  • Candidate statement
  • I take most of the opportunities to promote Fedora. My areas of action are the wikis, events, and sometimes I write blog entries. I was the first Swiss ambassador and during a long time the only one. Because of this my only choice was to collaborate with other European ambassadors (mainly German ambassadors because there are less language problems than with the people from France). In my eyes, the NPO is NOT only a thing for the large communities in Europe. It's very useful for smaller groups in the EMEA, too. And it's only the next logical step to break down barriers to get sponsorships and avoid legal issues. If we found this NPO we are able to runs some things smoother than in the past.
  • Future plans
  • Strenght the influence of Europe
  • Bring FAmSCo, the European NPO and the European Ambassadors more together
  • Go on with the improvement of the qualitiy of the wiki (our first line of marketing have to become better...)
  • Search for new translators and ambassadors, especially in Switzerland
  • Go on with translations of websites and software
  • Continue participating, supporting and organizing local events in EMEA to promote Fedora

Francesco Crippa (fcrippa)

  • Candidate Statement
  • I am Fedora Enthusiast! I've worked with !RedHat Linux (not the Enterprise one) since 5.0 release, and I remember the first official Fedora release on my old-old laptop. I also remember the very little desktop for Fedora on !LinuxTag 2005, where AlexMaier organized one of the first one European !FudCon. But I remember also the big and crowded booth of last Linux Tag, where I met MaxSpevack and where I started my contribute to Fedora Project. I think I'm a bit much "young" (I've been ambassador only since September) to be into the Board, but I've read something about the impossibility to make NPO during next FOSDEM, due to low participation (bureaucratic problems), and I hope this never will.
  • Contributor profile
  • Fedora Contribution: Recruit Ambassadors in Italy, Recruit Fedora fans over Social Networks
  • Past events (as Fedora Ambassador): Linux Day , Fedora by Night
  • Past events where I met Fedora (and where I wasn't an Ambassador yet): !LinuxTag 2005, !LinuxTag 2006, !LinuxTag 2007, !RedHat Summit 2007
  • Future events: FOSDEM 2008 , LinuxTag 2008 , FAD Linuxtag 2008
  • Future Plans
  • have contacts with technical side of Fedora
  • have face-to-face meetings with other Ambassadors
  • organize Events in Italy
  • help fedora to grow up fast
  • persuade developers to open their work to !OpenSource world

Gerold Kassube (GeroldKa)

  • Candidate Statement
  • What shall I say or tell you? I AM FEDORA! I run Fedora since the first versions (and not since my first recognition Award with Fedora Flip-Flops *bg*) and since AlexMaier created the Ambassadors Group I were one of the first here in Germany. I'm not a coder or developer, I'm a user of Fedora .... Imho this NPO must be founded because we need a own legal cover to get all things done who must be done like reimburse for example Ambassadors for their journey and presence, create a Fedora Shop, look for Sponsors and have the possibility to give everybody a donation receipt which they can use and all the other things such a NPO makes it working. On the other hand I want to boost every face-to-face meeting to increase improve our strenght, to build relationships between us, to force Community, to build up new Strategys and last but not least to see what the End-user needs and wants to have; to LIVE marketing for Fedora, that's what I want to do if I will be voted ... BTW. working close to the Red Hat Guys is also one big goal the same as working with the officials from FAMSCO :-)
  • Contributor profile
  • Fedora Contribution in code: more than nothing :-(
  • Fedora Contribution in other things: Recruite Ambassadors whereever I can, I "founded" the FAD "Fedora Ambassador Day"
  • Past events: LinuxTag 2006 , FAD EMEA 2006 , FOSDEM 2007 , LinuxTag 2007 , FAD Linuxtag 2007 , FAD EMEA 2007
  • Future events: FOSDEM 2008 , LinuxTag 2008 , FAD Linuxtag 2008
  • Future Plans
  • Help getting the NPO done and be active part of it
  • Get the other part of Jeroen shit done
  • have face-to-face meetings whereever I can
  • have your confidence and a good relationship with everyone
  • building network for Ambassadors
  • organize Events in EMEA

Jeroen van Meeuwen (kanarip)

  • Name: Jeroen van Meeuwen
  • Country: The Netherlands
  • JeroenVanMeeuwen (most of the profile)
  • Candidate statement
  • The Fedora EMEA NPO means a great deal to me. Ever since I've got involved I felt we needed to get this done. I've written the drafts of the Statutes up for voting just before the election and I feel very confident they are going to make it. Should I be elected for Board, I think it is very important to not just help EMEA Ambassadors but broaden our view to see what it is we can do for Ambassadors outside the EMEA as well. What is going on cannot be bound to a geographical area only, the most important thing is that Fedora EMEA as an NPO can move things forward. The momentum Fedora EMEA can create potentially makes a lot of lives easier.
  • Contributor profile
  • Fedora Contributions in code: Revisor Developer, pyJigdo Developer, unofficial anaconda hacker, Fedora Unity Re-Spin builder
  • Past events: FUDCon Boston 2007 , LinuxTag 2007 , FAD EMEA 2007 , FUDCon Raleigh 2008
  • Future plans
  • Close gaps between what it is we want and what it is we (can) do.
  • Help other Ambassadors getting the same kind of momentum EMEA currently builds for themselves
  • Get Shit Done
  • Buy Gerold a beer or two

JoergSimon (kital)

  • Candidate statement
  • I am Fedora Enthusiast in the first hand. In 2006 i started to support the Fedora Community actively on Linuxtag and never stopped. I am known as the one who produce, ship and drive stuff for events across whole Europe. And in that role i wished we had the power to collaborate as a legal entity. I will take that chance to bring me in to build something good for all Fedora People!
  • Contributor profile
  • Driver, a helping Consultant for Ambassadors, slogger on Events, Fedora Polo and some other SWAG Creator, Diplomat, one of the few in the Fedora in Library Activists ;-) ...
  • Past events: LinuxTag 2006, FAD EMEA 2006, FOSDEM 2007, CLT 2007, !LinuxTag 2007, FAD Linuxtag 2007, FAD EMEA 2007
  • Future events: Fosdem 2008, CLT 2008, !OpenExpo 2008, Linuxtag 2008, FOD 2008
  • Future plans
  • Enhance Fedora´s presence in the new European Union Countries especially Poland, Czechia, Hungary
  • Work on the Fedora Security Spin as a Platform for Security Testing
  • Invent new ways to encourage people to contribute to the Fedora Project
  • Be a rocksolid deposit for the Project

Max Spevack (spevack)

  • Candidate statement
  • My goal is to make Fedora's European community the shining example for the rest of the world. This is the primary task to which I want to devote the next few years of my time at Red Hat.
  • Future plans
  • Make Fedora's European community the most vibrant in the world.
  • Increase the number of contributors (both Ambassadors and coders) in Europe via measurable metrics.
  • Provide official Red Hat support (organizational, leadership, and financial) to all of Europe.
  • Bridge what seems to be the gap between the French team snd the rest of Europe.
  • Allow Ambassadors (wherever they are) to GET STUFF DONE and help to clear away their obstacles.
  • Develop custom LiveCDs or LiveUSBs that are localized to all major European languages.
  • Give the same attention to Fedora's European community that we do to Fedora's North American community.
  • Shake lots of hands and say lots of thank yous.

Note: I will not be at FOSDEM this year. If that disqualifies me from running, I will be happy to simply be a "consultant" or "advisor" to this group.

RobertScheck (rsc)

  • Candidate statement

I'm comparatively a young Fedora Ambassador in different aspects: I'm with my 22 years probably one of the youngest Fedora Ambassadors in the world (recruited and convinced - how could it be else - by Gerold). On the other hand I'm a Fedora Ambassador for almost year now: I had just a couple of events as Ambassador until now and I'm trying to get more and more involved into the non-technical world and things of Fedora in Germany and EMEA as well. I think and hope, that I can support Fedora EMEA as group and as NPO a lot to grow up and be successful with my ideas and suggestions - even as a maybe unexperienced young guy, currently being basically technical related.

  • Future plans
  • Trying to help to get the NPO working and then be part of it
  • Being a contact/people person on Fedora events and providing technical help there
  • Packaging more software for Fedora and doing more Rawhide/development testing
  • Preparing, supporting (and maybe even organize) Fedora events in EMEA
  • Getting any stuff or shit done which has to be done (or was delegated by Gerold)

Next candidate (alphabetically)

  • Candidate statement
  • Contributor profile
  • Future plans