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The goal is to provide a way to allow a Fedora Ambassador to have a turnkey solution for setting up a booth at an event. This box contain materials to allow a somewhat uniform and professional appearance of Fedora at events Ambassadors attend. This is one part of helping lower the hurdle of taking on organizing a Fedora presence at a local event.

For more details, refer to the main EventBox page

Considering Malaysia is at the other side of the world, we think it would be better if we have our own EventBox for local events rather than relying on the boxes at west.

Core Checklist

Event Kit Item Cost (approx, in MYR) Status Notes
Shipping Container MYR27.90 Available (currently with KageSenshi) Power Box M450
Fedora Banner - Available (currently with KageSenshi) Fedora Freedom Infinity Voice banner from RH.SG are currently with KageSenshi
Fedora Tablecloth MYR5.60 Available (currently with KageSenshi) 2m - dark blue
Fedora Posters MYR7 per unit Need to be printed, designs: use from Artwork team
Heavy Duty Ext. Cord MYR11.90 Available (currently with KageSenshi)
Power Gangs MYR9.90 Available (currently with KageSenshi) 4 sockets
Ethernet Cables MYR- Available (currently with Sniffit) Donated by sniffit
Pens MYR12.90 Available (currently with KageSenshi) 6 colors fineliner pens
Markers MYR4.90 Available (currently with KageSenshi) 3 colors whiteboard markers
Masking Tape MYR3.40 Available (currently with KageSenshi)
Scissors MYR4.90 Available (currently with KageSenshi)
Blu-Tacks (for sticking posters) MYR4.50 Available (currently with KageSenshi)
LiveUSBs MYR20 (1GB) 1 available (currently with KageSenshi) 1 or 2 (preferable 1 for current release, another for alpha/beta/preview)
Table sign holders MYR5 per unit Available (currently with KageSenshi) 2 unit available
Glue MYR1.50 Available (currently with KageSenshi) 125ml

Nice to Have

These are costly items, but would be great if can have them.

Event Kit Item Cost (in MYR) Status Notes
EEEPC or similar MYR900-1500 with external HDD for repository mirror
Small Router - Available Wireless router donated by Yondie

Ambassadors Kit

Each ambassadors recommended to have one of their own. The AmbassadorKit will be useful for creating ad-hoc or small events or for promoting Fedora at random places.

Event Kit Item Cost (in MYR) Notes
Container MYR5 To store everything (theres some nice ones in Daiso)
Fedora LiveMedia - Bunch of LiveCDs available , get it from KageSenshi or Wariola
Fedora Stickers - Multi designs, need to grab from Harish Pillay
Fedora Buttons - 5 to 10 , grab from somewhere
Fedora Ambassador T-shirt - To be worn