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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2006-01-12

Next meeting

Active Attendees


  • LinuxAsia

Confirmed visits from Greg and Blizzard. Organizers will have announcements next week. Schwag has been requested.

Schwag has been requested. ThomasChung will try to get an idea of expected turnout. We want pictures!

  • Strasbourg

ChitleshGoorah has unofficially reserved a booth.


Get requests in early if you want to get the goods before your event. We're still working on getting logistics worked out.

Email Aliases

We have an 'ambassadors' group in the Account System. This is the key to aliases. aliases are available. aliases will be created automatically for existing account holders when they become available.


We are not yet ready to take donations for the Fedora Foundation. The necessary work is in progress, so this should be possible in the near future. We'll need to gather a reasonable amount of donations from outside of Red Hat so that donations can be tax-deductible. Donations will most likely be accepted through an online process. We don't need Ambassadors collecting funds.


The existing CLA effectively covers licensing for presentations, including translations that are submitted. We just need Ambassadors to sign the CLA before contributing. This is also compatible with the licensing requirements of most shows. We'll face exceptions if and when we encounter them. Under this arrangement, contributors keep copyrights, and Fedora and Red Hat are granted FOSS-style licenses to make certain that the contributions remain free, like the software that Fedora provides.

Business Cards

Ambassadors can get a sign-off to use the trademark and logo to create their own business cards. They are encouraged to submit templates to the list so that we can review them before the Fedora Project starts producing them. Simple is good.

IRC Cloaks

Official Fedora contributors are eligible to get a fedora cloak on freenode. has been created to gather requests. PatrickBarnes will start poking the right man to get these created.

Ambassador Kits

Our efforts to produce cards, schwag, etc. are working towards this. Not much else to add.