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FAmSCo Meeting Minutes 2008-01-21

Meeting Time


This Meeting will be lead by FrancescoUgolini.




Meeting Protocol


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  • Discussion regarding opening the FAmSCo mailing list archives as proposed by JeffreyTadlock. Previous discussion on the mailing list showed the majority was against this idea due to potentially sensitive topics. Instead, FAmSCo will make efforts to provide weekly summaries through the Fedora News Project.
  • JackAboutboul's role with Fedora Ambassadors. Previous mailing list discussions acknowledged that Jack was still getting settled in and learning his exact roles himself and we would wait a few more weeks for the details of his planned involvement with the Ambassadors.
  • FrancescoUgolini brought up the discussion of FAmSCo and new Fedora Local Entities and Leaders (e.g. Invite Local Leader to FAmSCo IRC meetings and M-L discussion too). It was agreed to defer this discussion until a later time.
  • FabianAffolter had brought up the idea of CLA reminders for Ambassadors that had not completed theirs. This had been tried in 2006 and needs followed up on. Details are still being discussed at this time.
  • The above CLA reminder discussion turned into discussion of the CLA process as a whole. FabianAffolter would like to see translations of the CLA done by a professional to help non-English speakers understand. Several people in the meeting thought this was a larger issue that encompassed more than FAmSCo. Others did not think we could provide translations without Red Hat legal approving them. And some thought the CLA should be simplified in the English version before any translation attempts were made.