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The Ambassadors Wall

An introduction

In the last three years the number of ambassadors grew a lot, not only in the quantity but in the quality: there are software engineers, creative, marketing specialists, students, security experts and hobbyists. Each person arrived here with his/her background, with different reasons and different goals, but with a unique great passion for Fedora and the Open Source in general. Now it's time to create a place where each person can describe with few words what he think about Ambassadors Project and Fedora Project in general, starting from his/her vision of Ambassadors to his/her opinion about Fedora. It would be marvelous to create some posters that will be displayed in the events with the people's words, the best way to describe ourselves.

UPDATE: You can write your message in your language (with a translation of it).

Your messages

Free Like Air its FEDORA my Dear: Try Fedora, Share Fedora, Live Fedora [1] 09/01/2009
Fedora Project is like a cake: you need a lot of time to prepare it but you are always happy to share with others. FrancescoUgolini 02/15/2008
How do you know there are greater thing happening... lots of people working day and night for a cause... When you see the outcome of the process : Fedora Project . SiddharthUpmanyu 02/15/2008
Fedora is truly a global community. 24x7x365, work and progress is always happening. For the rest of my career, I will always think about the power of communities in any job I have. MaxSpevack 02/15/2008
Each idea or a line of code is like a drop of water that makes this big unstoppable flood we call Fedora! ValentTurkovic 02/15/2008
Since the dawn of humanity, people eager to freedom, a freedom of speech, learn, advance and communicate, thus fedora was born... SaadaldineAlsaidi 02/16/2008
Every day , a new idea , a change, Every change brings a smile onto a million faces, thats Fedora Projects and thats freedom. ShoaibHandoo 02/17/2008
Fedora is just better. Community makes Fedora the best!. ClintSavage 02/17/2008
If someone is speaking about bleeding edge within the open source world, he can't avoid to mention Fedora. SandroMathys 02/17/2008
People used to think Open Source Software was lagging innovation, reliability and performance. Now, Fedora challenges restrictive software to keep up with technology... GO Fedora, GO :-)!!! PaulmarcBougharios 02/18/2008
Wow, look what I've gone and started!! JackAboutboul 02/18/2008
The freedom of Fedora extends to the distribution, it gets up to our style of life and our community. It is the essence that moves to all the ambassadors and users of Fedora. EduardoVillagrán 02/18/2008
Fedora is Free. Just like the air you breathe. JuanRodriguezMoreno 02/20/2008
Fedora is the most important Operating System Platform project for me. And Fedora Project is the most happening FOSS community, Liberal and Forward moving ! KevinVerma 02/21/2008
Libertad y potencial son cosas que rara vez van de la mano. Linux y Fedora pone estas cualidades a tu disposición, sin barreras ni restricciones. Tu eliges a donde quieres ir. (Translation: "Freedom and potential are things that rarely comes together. Linux and Fedora puts this qualities at your disposal, without barriers, nor restrictions. You choose were do you want to go.") ArturoHoffstadt 03/02/2008
Fedora is free, powerful, dynamic, and reliable. GradyLaksmono 03/29/2008
Kung gumagamit ka ng Fedora, hindi ka nabubukod sa komunidad. Dahil sa bleeding technology, nangunguna ka! (If you're using Fedora, you're not getting isolated from the community. Because of the bleeding technology, you lead!) NapoleonEsmundoRamirez 04/11/2008
Something Free but Powerful and Reliable, Fedora is the definition of Past, Present and Future Technology RishikeshSharma 08/30/2008
Fedora σημαίνει λειτουργικό σημαίνει καθημερινότητα σημαίνει ανθρώπινες σχέσεις σημαίνει κοινότητα σημαίνει Fedora! (Fedora means Operating System means commonplace means human relations means community means Fedora! PierrosPapadeas 12/30/2008
Χρησιμοποιώ + Δοκιμάζω + Ζω + Μοιράζομαι = Είμαι Fedora ( Use + Try + Live + Share = Be Fedora) KostasAntonakoglou 01/03/2009