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Appendix D

Anaconda Patches

Anaconda-runtime patches

Note many patches are missing.

  • buildinstall.patch - This patch fixes a bug in the use of double quotes when passing parameters to buildinstall.
  • splittree.patch - This patch changes the CD size to 650MB, removes the comps file leeway (it is already included), and adds the Fedora GPG key to all CDs.
  • pkgorder.patch - This patch adds the ability to arrange package groups at the beginning of a CD. On multi-CD distributions, this allows certain package groups to be on the first disc. This patch can be used to create a single CD containing the main packages, with supplemental CDs used for any additional packages.

Other patches

  • redhat2fedora.patch - This patch to changes all references to the 'RedHat' directory to 'Fedora' in the anaconda source. It seems that not all references to 'RedHat' were replaced when moving to the newly named Fedora. Note: This patch will not change all instances of the text 'RedHat to 'MyDistro' - check Appendix E - User Contributed Scripts for a script that will help you to do that.
  • mediacheck.patch - This patch allows the use of the media-check tool even when the installation is scripted through the use of a kickstart file.
  • disk-druid-default.patch - This patch makes disk druid the default option for partitioning instead of automatic partitioning.
  • kickstart-network-prompt.patch - This patch allows the installer to prompt the user for network information during a kickstart installation via CD-ROM.
  • pango-querymodules.patch - This patch updates pango-querymodules to pango-querymodules-32. This patch is only required for versions of pango >= 1.2.5-3.0.
  • vnc-share.patch AnacondaVncSharedPatch - This patch allows the VNC installer to share the connection.

XIV. Anaconda Patches/Customization

1. Adding custom screens to Anaconda

2. Patches for Anaconda -- These are the patches that are needed for anaconda customization.

3. DVD Patches for Anaconda -- Patches for anaconda to create a DVD.

4. Anaconda Generic Patches

XIII How to test Anaconda
Table of Contents
XV. Creating a distro DVD with anaconda