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Fedora mipsel bootstrap issues

Here is the list of issues found during the rebuilds.

Package Name ToDo Links Logs Additional Notes
kernel 4.4.0 RPM that works with QEMU has been built but packaging needs more work
gmp Add support for mipsel to gmp.h and gmp-mparam.h RHBZ #1260083 Fixed in F23 and Rawhide
ruby Add support for mipsel to config.h RHBZ #1260109 Fixed in F23 and Rawhide but some tests are still failing
ghc Do not package ghc-cplit on mipsel RHBZ #1294873
ghc-srpm-macros Add mipsel to ghc_arches and ghci_arches RHBZ #1294874
libjpeg-turbo Fix assembly for FPXX RHBZ #1294876
openssl Add support for mipsel to SPEC RHBZ #1294882 Fixed in Rawhide
sqlite Do not fail tests on mipsel RHBZ #1294888 Fixed in Rawhide
webkitgtk3 Disable JIT on mipsel RHBZ #1294890 Fixed in Rawhide
SDL Add support for mipsel to SDL_config.h RHBZ #1260089 Fixed in F23 and Rawhide
SDL2 Add support for mipsel to SDL_config.h RHBZ #1260095 Fixed in F23 and Rawhide
go-srpm-macros Add mipsel to gccgo_arches RHBZ #1294875 Fixed in Rawhide
qtwebkit Disable JIT on mipsel RHBZ #1294886 Fixed in Rawhide
webkitgtk Disable JIT on mipsel RHBZ #1294889 Fixed in Rawhide
webkitgtk4 Disable JIT on mipsel RHBZ #1294892 Fixed in Rawhide
xemacs Use system malloc on mipsel RHBZ #1294893 Fixed in Rawhide
wxGTK Add support for mipsel to wx-config RHBZ #1294894 Fixed in Rawhide
wxGTK3 Add support for mipsel to wx-config RHBZ #1294895 Fixed in F23 and Rawhide
libsolv Only aware of mipsel, add the rest RHBZ #1242791 Fixed in F23 and Rawhide
hawkey Only aware of big endian MIPS, add support for little endian RHBZ #1242806 Fixed in F23 and Rawhide
dnf Completely unaware of MIPS, add support for mipsel RHBZ #1242870 Fixed in F23 and Rawhide
yum Add support for mipsel
glibc Add mipsel supprot to SPEC
gcc Add mipsel supprot to SPEC
rpm Add mipsel macros, add mipsel platform RHBZ #1242786 Fixed in F23 and Rawhide
redhat-rpm-config Add mipsel flags to macros, hardening does not work on MIPS
mock Add mipsel config files
java Dies with SIGILL, might be a kernel issue, investigate deeper
m2crypto grep -v __REGISTER_PREFIX__ in SPEC Blocks crda and that blocks wireless-tools
mariadb Tests failing
valgrind FTBFS No upstream support for FPXX
python Tests failing
python3 Tests failing
abiword FTBFS even on primary abiword-3.0.1-4.fc23
afpfs-ng FTBFS afpfs-ng-0.8.1-19.fc23
aiccu FTBFS even on primary aiccu-2007.01.15-22.fc22
alglib Tests failing alglib-3.10.0-2.fc23
ape FTBFS even on primary ape-2.2.0-2.fc22
appmenu-qt5 FTBFS even on primary appmenu-qt5-0.r26-5.fc23
ardour FTBFS even on primary ardour-2.8.16-15.fc23
arpage FTBFS even on primary arpage-0.3.3-19.fc23
arpwatch FTBFS (requires -fPIC) arpwatch-2.1a15-34.fc23
asterisk FTBFS (needs to use same ldflags as arm) asterisk-13.3.2-1.fc23.2
atlas FTBFS (fails to detect mips and tries to use x86 assembly) atlas-3.10.2-6.fc23
avarice FTBFS even on primary avarice-2.12-7.fc22
avogadro FTBFS avogadro-1.1.1-14.fc23
bakery FTBFS even on primary bakery-2.6.3-15.fc23
barcode FTBFS even on primary barcode-0.98-25.fc23
barry FTBFS barry-0.18.4-11.fc23
bfast FTBFS bfast-0.7.0a-10.fc22
bluecurve-gtk-themes FTBFS even on primary bluecurve-gtk-themes-1.0.0-13.fc23
bluecurve-kde-theme FTBFS even on primary bluecurve-kde-theme-1.0.0-14.fc23
byzanz FTBFS byzanz-0.3-0.15.fc23
ccgo FTBFS even on primary ccgo-
cclive FTBFS cclive-0.9.3-10.fc23
cdk FTBFS even on primary cdk-5.0.20141106-2.fc23
ceelog FTBFS even on primary ceelog-0.2-3.fc21
certmonger Tests failing certmonger-0.78.3-1.fc23
cfdg FTBFS (requires explicit -latomic) cfdg-3.0-0.beta2.fc23.8
cinnamon-control-center FTBFS cinnamon-control-center-2.6.0-4.fc23
cinnamon-session FTBFS cinnamon-session-2.6.3-2.fc23
clpeak FTBFS (no MIPS support) clpeak-0.1-9.20150215git9a39c0c.fc23
cluttermm FTBFS even on primary cluttermm-1.17.3-5.fc23
cockpit FTBFS cockpit-0.79-1.fc23
community-mysql Tests failing community-mysql-5.6.26-1.fc23
compat-gcc-32 FTBFS (too old) compat-gcc-32-3.2.3-68.13
compat-gcc-34 FTBFS (too old) compat-gcc-34-3.4.6-37.fc23
contour FTBFS even on primary contour-0.3-6.fc21
cook FTBFS even on primary cook-2.34-9.fc22
coreboot-utils FTBFS coreboot-utils-4.0-6.20150109git78c5d58.fc22
coreutils Tests failing coreutils-8.24-4.fc23
couchdb Tests failing couchdb-1.6.1-5.fc22
crash FTBFS crash-7.1.2-1.1.fc23
cutter Tests failing cutter-1.2.4-2.fc21
cxxtools Tests failing with SIGILL cxxtools-2.2.1-9.fc23
cyphesis FTBFS even on primary cyphesis-0.6.2-8.fc23
cyrus-imapd FTBFS cyrus-imapd-2.4.17-13.fc23
dansguardian FTBFS dansguardian-
datovka FTBFS datovka-4.3.1-2.fc23
dietlibc FTBFS (mips/mipsel conflict) dietlibc-0.33-5.fc23
diorite FTBFS even on primary diorite-0.1-0.5git888cb5f.fc23
double-conversion Tests failing double-conversion-2.0.1-6.fc23
easystroke FTBFS even on primary easystroke-0.6.0-12.fc23
efl FTBFS (likely a linker bug on MIPS) efl-1.16.0-2.fc23
ejabberd FTBFS even on primary ejabberd-14.07-6.fc22
elfelli FTBFS even on primary elfelli-0.3.1-15.fc23
elfutils Tests failing elfutils-0.163-4.fc23
emelfm2 FTBFS even on primary emelfm2-0.9.1-4.fc23
erlang-cowboy Tests failing erlang-cowboy-0.8.2-7.fc22
erlang-eleveldb Tests failing erlang-eleveldb-1.3.2-7.fc22
erlang-lager Tests failing erlang-lager-1.2.2-5.fc22
erlang-meck FTBFS even on primary erlang-meck-0.7.2-7.fc22
erlang-poolboy FTBFS even on primary erlang-poolboy-0.9.1-5.fc22
erlang-riak_client FTBFS even on primary erlang-riak_client-1.3.3-4.fc22
eurephia FTBFS even on primary eurephia-1.1.0-9.fc22
execstack Tests failing execstack-0.5.0-9.fc23
fbb FTBFS (requries explicit -fPIC) fbb-7.0.8-0.3.beta.fc23.1
fedora-productimg-server FTBFS fedora-productimg-server-23-3.fc23
fedora-productimg-workstation FTBFS fedora-productimg-workstation-23-1.fc23
ffcall FTBFS (builds n32) ffcall-1.12-1.fc23
filezilla FTBFS (requires explicit -latomic) filezilla-
fio FTBFS (requires explicit -latomic) fio-2.2.8-2.fc23
firefox FTBFS (or builds and crashes on startup) firefox-41.0.1-2.fc23
flowcanvas FTBFS even on primary flowcanvas-0.7.1-21.fc23
fourterm FTBFS even on primary fourterm-1.0.6-5.fc22
freeimage FTBFS (requires explicit -fPIC) freeimage-3.17.0-2.fc23
freerdp FTBFS freerdp-1.2.0-0.9.git.24a752a.fc23
fuse-emulator-utils FTBFS even on primary fuse-emulator-utils-1.1.1-5.fc22
f2c FTBFS f2c-20110801-8.fc23
gambit-c FTBFS gambit-c-4.7.9-1.fc23
gcc-python-plugin Tests failing gcc-python-plugin-0.14-4.fc23
gcl FTBFS gcl-2.6.12-3.fc23
gconfmm26 FTBFS even on primary gconfmm26-2.28.3-10.fc23
gc Tests failing gc-7.4.2-4.fc23
gdata-sharp FTBFS gdata-sharp-
gdlmm FTBFS even on primary gdlmm-3.7.3-6.fc23
gds2pov FTBFS even on primary gds2pov-0.20080229-10.fc22
ghc-haskell-src-exts FTBFS (OOM) ghc-haskell-src-exts-
gmic FTBFS gmic-
gmp-ecm FTBFS gmp-ecm-6.4.4-6.fc23
gnome-commander FTBFS gnome-commander-1.4.7-1.fc23.1
gobby FTBFS gobby-0.4.13-8.fc23
goocanvasmm FTBFS even on primary goocanvasmm-0.15.4-14.fc23
gparted FTBFS gparted-0.23.0-3.fc23
groonga FTBFS (requires explicit -latomic) groonga-5.0.5-1.fc23
grub-customizer FTBFS even on primary grub-customizer-4.0.6-5.fc23
grub2 FTBFS (should probably be excludearch) grub2-2.02-0.23.fc23
gsim85 FTBFS even on primary gsim85-0.3-14.fc23
gsmartcontrol FTBFS even on priamry gsmartcontrol-0.8.7-8.fc23
gsoap FTBFS gsoap-2.8.22-2.fc23
gstreamermm FTBFS even on primary gstreamermm-0.10.11-8.fc23
gtkglextmm FTBFS even on primary gtkglextmm-1.2.0-23.fc23
gtksourceviewmm FTBFS even on primary gtksourceviewmm-2.10.3-9.fc23
gtkspellmm30 FTBFS even on primary gtkspellmm30-3.0.3-6.fc23
gxemul FTBFS gxemul-
g2clib FTBFS g2clib-1.4.0-10.fc23
harmonyseq FTBFS even on primary harmonyseq-0.16-18.fc23
hdapsd FTBFS even on primary hdapsd-20141203-2.fc23
hdf FTBFS hdf-4.2.11-2.fc23
heimdal Tests failing heimdal-1.6.0-0.11.20150115gitc25f45a.fc23
hex-a-hop FTBFS even on primary hex-a-hop-1.2.0-git20140926.1.fc23.2
hoard FTBFS (lacking MIPS support) hoard-3.8-11.fc23
html-xml-utils FTBFS even on primary html-xml-utils-6.3-5.fc21
httrack FTBFS even on primary httrack-3.48.20-3.fc23
chocolate-doom FTBFS even on primary chocolate-doom-2.2.0-11.fc23
idjc FTBFS even on primary idjc-0.8.7-9.fc23
iksemel FTBFS even on primary iksemel-1.4-10.fc22
insight FTBFS insight-7.8.50-6.20140827git.fc23
intrace FTBFS even on primary intrace-1.5-6.fc22
ipsec-tools FTBFS (requires explicit -fPIC) ipsec-tools-0.8.2-2.fc23
ircd-ratbox FTBFS even on primary ircd-ratbox-2.2.9-3.fc22
jalv FTBFS jalv-1.4.6-5.fc23
jd FTBFS even on primary jd-2.8.9-1.fc23.1
js Tests failing with JIT enabled js-1.8.5-22.fc23
kaya FTBFS even on primary kaya-0.5.2-24.fc22
kdesvn FTBFS even on primary kdesvn-1.6.0-8.fc23
kdiff3 FTBFS kdiff3-0.9.98-6.fc23
kicad FTBFS kicad-2015.08.03-3.rev6041.fc23
klatexformula FTBFS even on primary klatexformula-3.2.10-5.fc23
kmplayer FTBFS kmplayer-0.11.3c-10.fc23
kmscon FTBFS kmscon-8-10.fc23
ktikz FTBFS even on primary ktikz-0.10-16.fc23
kwooty FTBFS kwooty-1.1.0-6.fc23
kxstitch FTBFS kxstitch-1.2.0-5.fc23
ladish FTBFS ladish-2-10.3.gitfcb16ae.fc23
lapack FTBFS (requires an explicit -fPIC) lapack-3.5.0-12.fc23
ldc FTBFS ldc-0.16.0.alpha3-76.fc23
libdvdnav FTBFS even on primary libdvdnav-5.0.3-2.fc23
libEMF FTBFS libEMF-1.0.7-9.fc23
libesedb FTBFS even on primary libesedb-20120102-7.fc22
libffado FTBFS (parsing cpuinfo fails on MIPS) libffado-2.2.1-5.fc23
libfreenect FTBFS libfreenect-0.5.2-5.fc23
libglademm24 FTBFS even on primary libglademm24-2.6.7-14.fc23
libgnomecanvasmm26 FTBFS even on primary libgnomecanvasmm26-2.26.0-13.fc23
libhugetlbfs FTBFS (lacking MIPS support) libhugetlbfs-2.19-1.fc23
libHX FTBFS even on primary libHX-3.22-2.fc23
libkdtree++ FTBFS even on primary libkdtree++-0.7.0-8.fc22
libkscreen FTBFS even on primary libkscreen-1.0.5-4.fc23
libmimedir FTBFS even on primary libmimedir-0.4-14.fc23
libnotifymm FTBFS even on primary libnotifymm-0.7.0-6.fc23
libofx FTBFS even on primary libofx-0.9.9-6.fc23
liborigin2 FTBFS even on primary liborigin2-2.0.0-10.fc23
libpar2 FTBFS even on primary libpar2-0.2-22.fc23
libpuma FTBFS even on primary libpuma-1.2-3.fc22
libqalculate FTBFS even on primary libqalculate-0.9.7-14.fc23
librfm FTBFS librfm-5.3.16-7.fc23
libscrypt FTBFS (requires explicit -fPIC) libscrypt-1.20-2.fc23
libsexymm FTBFS even on primary libsexymm-0.1.9-20.fc23
libsigsegv Tests failing libsigsegv-2.10-9.fc23
libsrtp FTBFS (variable named mips conflicts with macro) libsrtp-1.5.0-3.fc23
libtool Tests failing libtool-2.4.6-5.fc23
libtpms FTBFS libtpms-0.5.2-6.fc23
libUnihan FTBFS even on primary libUnihan-0.5.3-14.fc23
libverto-jsonrpc FTBFS even on primary libverto-jsonrpc-0.1.0-9.fc21
libvirt Tests failing libvirt-
libvtemm FTBFS even on primary libvtemm-0.25.0-10.fc23
libwfut FTBFS even on primary libwfut-0.2.3-5.fc23
libx86 FTBFS libx86-1.1-21.fc23
lordsawar FTBFS even on primary lordsawar-0.3.0-1.fc23
lostirc FTBFS even on primary lostirc-0.4.6-21.fc23
ltrace FTBFS ltrace-0.7.91-17.fc23
lv2-abGate FTBFS even on primary lv2-abGate-1.1.3-13.fc23
lv2-avw-plugins FTBFS even on primary lv2-avw-plugins-0.0.8-10.fc23
lv2-c++-tools FTBFS even on primary lv2-c++-tools-1.0.4-17.fc23
lv2-EQ10Q-plugins FTBFS even on primary lv2-EQ10Q-plugins-1.0-18.fc23
lv2-ll-plugins FTBFS even on primary lv2-ll-plugins-0.2.8-17.fc23
lv2-newtonator FTBFS even on primary lv2-newtonator-0.6.0-7.fc23
lxqt-config FTBFS lxqt-config-0.9.0-6.fc23
lxqt-notificationd FTBFS lxqt-notificationd-0.9.0-6.fc23
lxqt-policykit FTBFS lxqt-policykit-0.8.0-7.fc22
maliit-framework FTBFS even on primary maliit-framework-0.94.2-8.fc23
mgetty FTBFS (requires explicit -fPIC) mgetty-1.1.36-30.fc23
moarvm FTBFS moarvm-0.2015.07-1.fc23
mongo-cxx-driver FTBFS (requires explicit -latomic) mongo-cxx-driver-1.0.2-4.fc23
mongodb FTBFS (requires explicit -latomic) mongodb-3.0.6-1.fc23
monitor-edid FTBFS even on primary monitor-edid-3.0-11.fc23
mstflint FTBFS (lacking MIPS support) mstflint-3.0-0.11.g6961daa.1.fc23
multican FTBFS (explicitely uses .gnu.hash) multican-0.0.5-15.fc23
ngspice FTBFS ngspice-23-8.fc21
nitrogen FTBFS even on primary nitrogen-1.5.2-16.fc23
non-daw FTBFS even on primary non-daw-1.2.0-6.git13c3ca8.fc23
non-session-manager FTBFS even on primary non-session-manager-1.0.0-0.7.gitae6b78cf.fc22
numatop FTBFS numatop-1.0.3-2.fc23
nuvolaplayer FTBFS even on primary nuvolaplayer-2.5-1.fc22
nvidia-texture-tools FTBFS (lacking MIPS support) nvidia-texture-tools-2.0.8-11.fc23
obby FTBFS even on primary obby-0.4.8-11.fc23
odb FTBFS (lacking MIPS support) odb-2.4.0-5.fc23
openCOLLADA FTBFS openCOLLADA-0-24.git3335ac1.fc23
openobex FTBFS openobex-1.7.1-6.fc23
openscad FTBFS (OOM) openscad-2015.03.1-4.fc23
openteacher FTBFS even on primary openteacher-3.2-2.fc23
openvas-gsa FTBFS openvas-gsa-6.0.3-4.fc23
orc Tests failing orc-0.4.24-1.fc23
paman FTBFS even on primary paman-0.9.4-15.fc23
paprefs FTBFS even on primary paprefs-0.9.10-10.fc23
parrot Tests failing parrot-7.5.0-1.fc23
patchelf Tests failing patchelf-0.8-4.fc23
pavucontrol FTBFS even on primary pavucontrol-3.0-5.fc23
pavumeter FTBFS even on primary pavumeter-0.9.3-15.fc23
perftest FTBFS (lacking MIPS support) perftest-2.2-3.fc23
perl-threads-lite Tests hang infinitely perl-threads-lite-0.034-4.fc23
php-pecl-http Tests failing php-pecl-http-2.5.3-1.fc23
php-pecl-msgpack Tests failing php-pecl-msgpack-0.5.5-10.fc23
picojson FTBFS even on primary picojson-1.1.1-3.05f8f10.fc23
plotmm FTBFS even on primary plotmm-0.1.2-22.fc23
postal FTBFS even on primary postal-0.70-15.fc23
procmail FTBFS (requires explicit -fPIC) procmail-3.22-38.fc23
proxytunnel FTBFS even on primary proxytunnel-1.9.0-11.fc22
ptpd-phc FTBFS even on primary ptpd-phc-2.1.0-0.5.20120921gitecca20.fc21
pulseaudio Tests failing pulseaudio-7.0-1.fc23
pwmd FTBFS even on primary pwmd-3.0.7-1.fc22
pycairo Tests failing pycairo-1.10.0-2.fc23
pykde4 FTBFS pykde4-4.14.3-7.fc23
pyparted Tests failing pyparted-3.10.7-1.fc23
python-djvulibre FTBFS even on primary python-djvulibre-0.3.9-4.fc22
python-kiwi FTBFS even on primary python-kiwi-1.9.38-5.fc23
python-pyblock FTBFS even on primary python-pyblock-0.53-8.fc22
python-scikit-image FTBFS python-scikit-image-0.11.3-3.fc23
python-tables FTBFS python-tables-3.2.0-3.fc23
python-tornado Tests failing python-tornado-4.1-3.fc23
python-urwid Tests failing python-urwid-1.3.0-2.fc23
python3-cairo Tests failing python3-cairo-1.10.0-12.fc23
qesteidutil FTBFS even on primary qesteidutil-3.10.1-5.fc23
qpid-cpp FTBFS (build-id conflict) qpid-cpp-0.34-1.fc23
qt Add MIPS to SPEC qt-4.8.7-3.fc23
rapidsvn FTBFS even on primary rapidsvn-0.12.1-7.fc23
ratbox-services FTBFS even on primary ratbox-services-1.2.1-11.fc21
rawtherapee FTBFS even on primary rawtherapee-4.2-11.fc23
realmd Tests failing realmd-0.16.2-1.fc23
recutils Tests failing recutils-1.7-5.fc23
regexxer FTBFS even on primary regexxer-0.9-17.fc23
re2 Tests failing re2-20131024-5.fc23
rtorrent FTBFS rtorrent-0.9.6-2.fc23
rubygem-bson_ext Tests failing rubygem-bson_ext-1.10.2-4.fc23
rubygem-hitimes Tests failing rubygem-hitimes-1.2.2-1.fc23
rubygem-poppler Tests failing rubygem-poppler-3.0.5-1.fc23
rubygem-RedCloth Tests failingc rubygem-RedCloth-4.2.9-11.fc23
rubygem-thin Tests failing rubygem-thin-1.6.2-5.fc23
ruby Tests failing ruby-2.2.3-44.fc23
seq24 FTBFS even on primary seq24-0.9.3-0.9.r131.fc23
sflphone FTBFS sflphone-1.4.1-14.fc23 This project is now called ring. It depends (among other things) on openDHT for which a review request was open some time ago: 1377762
skanlite FTBFS skanlite-1.1-6.fc23
ski FTBFS ski-1.3.2-18.fc23
sobby FTBFS even on primary sobby-0.4.7-11.fc23
sockperf FTBFS (lacking MIPS support) sockperf-2.5.244-4.fc23
sooperlooper FTBFS even on primary sooperlooper-1.7.3-1.fc23
spim FTBFS spim-20111122-0.10.svn.fc23
sslogger FTBFS even on primary sslogger-0.96-13.fc22
stardict FTBFS even on primary stardict-3.0.6-3.fc23
steadyflow FTBFS even on primary steadyflow-0.2.0-4.fc22
storaged FTBFS storaged-2.1.1-1.fc23
strace Tests failing strace-4.10-3.fc23
subtitleeditor FTBFS even on primary subtitleeditor-0.41.0-8.fc23
svxlink FTBFS even on primary svxlink-14.08.1-2.fc23
synergy FTBFS synergy-1.6.2-3.fc23
sysklogd FTBFS even on primary sysklogd-1.5-19.fc23
tachyon FTBFS (excessive -m32) tachyon-0.99-0.13.b6.fc23
telepathy-glib Tests failing telepathy-glib-0.24.1-2.fc23
telepathy-haze FTBFS even on primary telepathy-haze-0.8.0-3.fc22
testdisk FTBFS even on primary testdisk-7.0-3.fc23
tkdnd FTBFS even on primary tkdnd-2.6-6.fc23
tmispell-voikko FTBFS even on primary tmispell-voikko-0.7.1-15.fc23
tntnet FTBFS tntnet-2.2.1-8.fc23
trinity FTBFS trinity-1.5-2.fc23
trojita Tests failing trojita-0.5-8.fc23
ucblogo FTBFS ucblogo-6.0-17.fc23
uClibc FTBFS (missing config and conflicting types) uClibc- uClibc-
udev-browse FTBFS even on primary udev-browse-0.3-5.fc22
uisp FTBFS even on primary uisp-20050207-17.fc23
uriparser FTBFS even on primary uriparser-0.8.2-1.fc23
usbguard FTBFS (requires explicit -latomic) usbguard-0.3p3-2.fc23
userspace-rcu FTBFS even on primary userspace-rcu-0.8.6-2.fc23
ustl FTBFS even on primary ustl-2.1-4.fc22
vaspview FTBFS even on primary vaspview-1.05-11.fc22
vifm FTBFS even on primary vifm-0.8-1.fc23
wmnd FTBFS even on primary wmnd-0.4.17-8.fc23
workrave FTBFS even on primary workrave-1.10-9.fc23
wpan-tools FTBFS even on primary wpan-tools-0.5-1.fc23
xchat-gnome FTBFS even on primary xchat-gnome-0.26.2-20.git40c5bf988.fc23
xlog FTBFS xlog-2.0.11-5.fc23
xmlstarlet FTBFS even on primary xmlstarlet-1.6.1-4.fc23
xulrunner FTBFS xulrunner-40.0-1.fc23
yapet FTBFS even on primary yapet-1.0-5.fc23
yaws FTBFS (excessive -m32) yaws-1.98-7.fc23
zn_poly FTBFS zn_poly-0.9-12.fc23.2
0ad Requires valgrind to build 0ad-0.0.18-6.1.fc23