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MIPS specific patches needed

  • binutils: needs MIPS support code
  • device-mapper-multipath: needs MIPS support code in kpartx header file
  • filesystem: we have /lib32 and /usr/lib32 in N32 systems
  • gc: libatomic_ops included in gc needs MIPS support code
  • gdb: needs MIPS support code
  • gmp: needs ABI patch
  • gnupg: needs MIPS support code
  • guile: needs MIPS support code
  • libaio: needs MIPS support code
  • libatomic_ops: needs MIPS support code
  • libgcrypt: needs MIPS support code
  • mesa: no WMB defined for MIPS
  • mpfr: needs MIPS support code
  • numpy: no MIPS CPU defined in GA version
  • openssl: needs MIPS support code
  • ppp: /lib32 and /usr/lib32 should not be used, we only have one ABI
  • redhat-rpm-config: support of mips architecture in rpmrc added
  • rpm: support of mips architecture in rpmrc added
  • SDL: SDL_config.h hasn't consider MIPS
  • systemtap: needs MIPS support code
  • tcp_wrapper: weak_symbol compile error, need #include <tcpd.h>

Feature disabling

  • curl: disable valgrind
  • gcc: build without cloog, ppl, multilib
  • pstoedit: disable libEMF
  • vala: disable devhelp
  • xorg-x11-drivers: disable drivers that wont be used on MIPS

Java issue

Some packages can't be built with java support as we don't have OpenJDK yet

  • avahi
  • bison
  • ca-certificates
  • ecj: bootstrap
  • gettext
  • graphviz
  • java-1.5.0-gcj: need bootstrap = 1
  • setools
  • tetex-tex4ht
  • tzdata

MONO issue

Some packages can't be build with MONO support as we don't have MONO binaries yet

  • avahi
  • gmime

Compile time / build parameter issue

  • allegro: remove timidity++-patches dependency, timidity++-patches can't be built in MIPS
  • glibc: consider mips64el architecture as well
  • pciutils: consider mips64el architecture as well

Test bug

  • bash: unknown issue in %check step, skipped
  • elfutils: tests always fail. disable test

Disabling -Werror needed (compiler issue?)

  • gnome-power-manager
  • metacity

F12 GA version not working, need update, not MIPS specific

  • clutter-gtk: missing dependencies on gir-repository-devel
  • gobject-introspection: compile option issue, fixed in F12 update RPMs

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