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This page is outdated and is only retained for historical reference


Task Name Mentor Target Date Details
Tasks and Ideas
Administration Guide BartCouvreur Open Beginning idea-list -- Administration Guide
Live CD Guide JohnBabich Open Source content -- Live CD How-To , Manual network configuration , L10nize KDE Live-CD
Fedora and mobile phones Mentor needed Open Document request arrived via bugzilla #216387
Support and maintenance for MoinMoin DocBook-to-XML code KarstenWade Open Local pages , Canonical pages on MoinMoin site
RPM Guide PaulWFrields Open Needs editing: mostly retagging for proper FDP usage such as <command>, etc. Also needs to build. Find another contributor for this project -- contact PaulNasrat for wtf happened to his ardent fans/collaborators. Maybe this should move to
Review/update FDSCo charter Chair, FDSCo ? Needs a review and refresh.
Permanent(?) meeting time FDSCo Immediately following election Depends on make-up of FDSCo and other factors; maybe time for a split meeting time or twice-a-month instead? Schedule regular hack-times on IRC, aka office hours?
Publishing Fedora books with houses that do on-demand or speciality runs (Pearson's AtWork, LuLu , O'Reilly's Safari , etc. TammyFox None Linda Harrison is POC from Pearson, JeremyHogan is POC from LuLu
Implement the WikiWorkflow for some/all documents? PatrickBarnes Open No actions identified yet.'
Docs Rawhide KarstenWade, ElliotLee Ongoing Collecting ideas for what direction to take this functionality at DocsRawhide . Soon to include packages. Discussion commences post-FC5. Tommy is working on fixes to current setup; load-sharer that is not mirrored seems to be cause of current breakage, pursing with ElliotLee and the Infrastructure team.
Implement Wiki page owners FDSCo, Websites ? Begin immediately following FC5 release. Start by creating guidelines for page ownership (subscribe to the page, be there to deal with bugs, etc.); ask for volunteers for pages; go through and make assignments with 0% to 100% pushback allowed.
Jargon Buster merged into Wiki PaulWFrields Open This document should be integrated with other Wiki content, where practical; this makes keeping jargon explained a community collaboration task.
Derive actions from Fedora survey FDSCo Open Marketing/Surveys/Summary survey results ; look to see what changes can be made in Fedora Docs based on community survey results.
General recruiting All Ongoing Will mail Lance Benjamin for assistance at combing list for contributors.
Bugzilla cruft StuartEllis, PaulWFrields ? Sweep out bugs that should be closed, docs never submitted. (ongoing)
Example tutorial Everyone Ongoing Ongoing task to keep this up-to-date as the canonical XML reference.
FDSCo mentoring All Ongoing Mentoring project is now formalized at Mentors .
ReportLab PDF output Open Open More coming
Document how to Internationalize (I18nize) an application for Fedora DimitrisGlezos, I18N Open Gather, stitch, fill-in content about how-to make an application ready for translation (l10n) and other i18n considerations.


Task Name Owner Target Date width="50%" Status
Active Tasks
Review and revise FDSCo charter All FDSCo Content needs to match up to new election world, and checked for relevance. SamFolkWilliams, MikeMcGrath ??? Research into kbase solutions, if we want to have one, and how to implement. Includes making needed recommendations for how to style kbase entries, getting and using a workflow that includes FDP editors, how to link to other, more detailed content, etc.
Project compliance KarstenWade 05-Jan-2007 The FDP is grandfathered in as a formal PMC, but needs to check and confirm compliance with the standard defined by the Fedora Project Board at DefiningProjects .
FOSS Documentation Tools Summit KarstenWade, JohnBabich and all interested FDP team members Summer 2007? FDP to sponsor a FOSS community-wide online summit to discuss a common set of tools and techniques to create, maintain, distribute, and publish FOSS documentation. Gaol is to investigate current state of affairs and put together the outline of a proposed solution. Emphasis is FOSS docs the FOSS way.
Documentation Guide overhaul PaulWFrields , KarstenWade Open Major new content that exists in the Wiki and our brains needs to get put down here. We need to figure out how to handle the style guidelines without the GNOME content. Working through the Wiki into CVS.
Saxon, FOP, gcj TommyReynolds In testing? Tommy has submitted changes for xmlto to use Saxon. this link . Working on a collaborative project with GNU Classpath to test changes within packages, starting with FOP. More announced when we are ready.