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The Fedora Documentation Project ("Docs Project") provides 100% free/libre open content, services, and tools for documentation.

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Project Workflow

The central project workflow page is DocsProject/WorkFlow .

The Documents

Published documentation can be found on or on this wiki under Category:Documentation. Draft documentation can be found under Category:Draft_Documentation.

If you want to use DocBook XML for Fedora-based documentation, you can learn how using the Documentation Guide and a self-referential example tutorial which is actually written in DocBook XML itself. If you want to collaborate with other experienced writers working on official documentation using DocBook XML, you can find the latest in our git repositories on Fedora Hosted, or you might choose to resurrect an older document from the Docs Project's CVS repository.

If you prefer to write on the wiki, read the wiki guide that we've prepared. It shows how to mark up text, where to store pages, and so forth.

Release Notes "Beats"

The Beats are the living documents that become the release notes for Fedora releases. The process for creating the release notes is documented on the Release Notes process page. You can find writers of the Beats on the Beat Writers page.

You can help maintain the Beats on the wiki, but you should read the Beat Writing How-To first.

Other Fedora Documentation

Check the FAQ on this wiki for general information on Fedora and links to other resources.

Project Administration

The Fedora Docs Project Steering Committee maintains the Project infrastructure, including the DocsProject Wiki pages.

Documentation Licensing

All documentation produced by Fedora is released under the Open Publication License :



The following pages collect notes, hints, and other bric-a-brac that would otherwise be lost to the vagaries of the list archive's "search" function.