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DocsProject/FUDConBoston2/Hackfest/ Whiteboard

Refer to Docs_Project_FUDCon_Boston_2007_hackfest for most information.


DUG publishing

  • JohnBabich working on this (via IRC) with KarstenWade

Documentation Guide hacking

1 Work out the future of this guide

  • Do we need a stand alone, XML-based document for this?
  • Yes, we need a self-referential guide that teaches how to write itself


1 Add self-referential materials to example-tutorial

  • Common content across this and the documentation-guide
  • Two files: document-template.xml and example-tutorial.xml
  • document-template.xml -- simple document to paste content into and proceed
  • example-tutorial.xml -- similar content plus more, with many explanatory comment blocks
  • documentation-guide pulls in example-tutorial.xml as a section

2 Pull content from the documentation-guide until it has only:

  • Self-referential XML teaching materials
  • How-to use editors (Emacs, Vi)
  • Links to style guide and process docs on the Wiki
  • Links to CVS, how to get involved, etc. on the Wiki
  • ?enough?

Prototype front page + layers

Tools (TBD)