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The First Ever FUDCon... FUDCon 2005

Fedora Users & Developers Conference

File:FUDCon FUDCon1.png Watch video from FUDCon Boston 2005: File:FUDCon Download MOV video 10 MB]

Date(s): 2005-02-18 Friday (full-day)


Location: Boston University, ECE Department. Check back for room numbers. BU's quite convenient for people going to Linux World; it's a pretty easy walk from the Hynes Convention Center, or a straight shot on the T (subway/streetcar). And there's parking either in a lot (~ $12) or on the street (metered) if you need that.

The building is the Photonics Center, number #20 on this map:

and pictured here:

Map to FUDCon:

  • 1 at the Hynes -- LWCE
  • 2 at the Photonics Center -- FUDCon
  • 3 at the Hynes T Stop
  • 4 at the BU Central one.
Advisory Board








Gopher/Coordination Volunteers

DaveLawrence ElliotLee

The Plan...

A two-track conference will be held on Friday, the 18th. The first track will be topics more suitable for users and the second track will focus on developers.

See below for a full schedule for the day. More specific location information will be available about 2 weeks before the conference.

Those arriving early enough should be able to partake in some light breakfast, consiting of cakes and the various hot beverages.

Roll-back to Thursday. After LWE is over, we can have a bit of meetings, especially with regards to governance and packaging guidelines. People needing to accept governance positions should do so and say their peace then. Dinner should be open to all, and this requires some organising skills - people with different food requirments, and budgetary requirements all play a role here. Also, there will be under-21s attending, so KIV the ID requirements if any.

Discussion via e-mail

FUDCon is an open event. Discussions will openly take place at . Those interested in attending, discussing topics, or even running tracks are encouraged to subscribe to the list as we'll have updates posted there as well as discussion.

Topics of Discussion
  • Packaging Guidelines
  • Extras
  • What gets into (or leaves) Core
  • What's Red Hat contribution like to Extras
  • Desktop Development Direction and Goals
  • new PDF viewer - evince - jrb?
  • Stateless Linux
  • LiveCD creation for our very own Fedora LiveCD
  • demo & talk from our very own super star, HavocPennington
  • SELinux
  • ironing out the issues for FC-4
  • maybe torture users with strict policy :)
  • is this still a relevant discussion point? - maybe not from a developer perspective, but we can run a track that users appreciate
  • Looking Towards Core 4
  • What do developers want?
  • What can users expect to see?
  • What's our timeframe/schedule like?
  • Are we delaying the grand plan so that RHEL4 and the build system for Extras can go public?
  • Keysigning
  • Important for all future/current packagers - we want to build our web of trust up
  • Bring relevant photo ID
  • Fedora Governance
  • more on this as we can make more things public...
  • What's CVS good for
  • build system stuff here...
  • How does this help Fedora Legacy when they take over maintaing stuff in CVS (currently, there's FC-1, FC-2, FC-3 targets for Core)
  • How is Extras going to be shaped? In the form of moving targets for FC-n or just have "current" Extras
  • How do we get more Legacy contributors, especially since dealing with older stuff just isn't as sexy
  • Fedora for the OEM distributor
  • Challanges faced
  • Ways to engage other OEM vendors
  • Fedora Legacy's part in OEM vendors

When creating meetings around these topics, the purpose of each meeting needs to be clarified. Possible purposes include information sharing/discussion, decision making/problem solving, information dissemination/teaching, or community building.

The Super Stars Attending

(we might break this up later, as the attendance list is bound to grow, and we want to list users who are coming too, esp. from Boston LUG/Red Hat Meetup and so on)

Alphabetical order

  • List all the Red Hat super stars
  • List all the community super stars showing up
Preliminary Schedule
09:00-10:00 check in and meeting up and registration
10:00-11:00 Keynote #1
11:00-12:00 UT: Fedora on Sparc/ppc/etc.. by Tom 'spot' Callaway / Colin Charles
DT: Stateless Linux by Havoc Pennington
12:00-13:00 UT: SELinux in FC4 - Dan Walsh
DT: Xen Fedora: A Look into Virtualization on Fedora - Jeremy Katz
13:00-14:00 Lunch/Keysigning
14:00-15:00 UT: Fedora for the OEM distributor - Jesse Keating
DT: system-config-packages - Paul Nasrat/Seth Vidal
15:00-16:00 UT: Fedora Installation: Past, Present, Future - Jeremy Katz
DT: A unified view of improving X Desktop Rendering - Owen & rest of Render team
16:00-17:00 UT: TBA -- Surprise???
17:00-18:00 Summary of FUDCon + Panel Discussion

Afterward: FUDPub 1

From 6 on, we have the left half of nearby pub An Tua Nua reserved. Decent menu for dinner as well as drinks, and they will only check IDs when you order alcohol, so under 21 is fine.

The address is:

An Tua Nua 835 Beacon St Boston, MA 02215

(directions )