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The first Audio Creation test day will be on the 26th of July.

Join #fedora-audio on IRC for more information

people available

  • jvlomax

What are we looking for ?

The most important thing we are looking for is usability and how to improve the user experience. We also need to make sure that programs behave as expected both from the live cd and after an installation.


  • Fedora Jam iso - we use a single location, and it contains the [| currently built spin isos]
  • Free HD space
  • Microphone or some way of recording

Test cases

  • Run jack and non jack programs at the same time on the live cd
  • Run jack and non jack programs at the same time after install
  • Create a short audio recording, using at least 3 different programs
  • - add more common actions that we need to confirm are operational on the spin...

Test Results

Here you can post any bugs or test case results you encounter. If you file a bug report, please link to it in the notes section

Who Test Expected result Actual result Does it need fixing? Notes
Sample User Hydrogen through jack Sound from speakers No sound from speakers yes Only happens on Thursdays
jvlomax Jack-audio-kit Different applications sending audio between them As expected Nope Tried at the most 4 application at once. Installed version
jvlomax Midi connectivity Use a midi keyboard, having it available in all application It was Nope
imalone Jack with Amarok Able to start Jack apps and normal Pulse apps Unable to start without tweaking yes Possibly default Jack setup has been discussed, enabling DBus in QJackctl, restarting dbus before doing anything else and starting jack works (some odd interactions with Amarok I haven't untangled though, it does work eventually. (Live version, installed untested)
imalone Recording with multiple apps Able to record sound Recording Hydrogen + Guitarix into Ardour over Jack works no Possibly some minor bug creating Ardour projects and being unable to type a name after selecting location. Will need to test a bit more). (Live version)
imalone Recording with Jack capture Able to start app and record sound Unable to start app Yes Jack capture GUI wont start (seems to be a component missing). Command line utility works.
bsjones Create Live USB w/Overlay Persistent session between reboots No issues No su -c "livecd-iso-to-disk --format --msdos --reset-mbr --noverify --overlay-size-mb 512 /home/bsjones/Downloads/fedora-jam.x86_64.iso /dev/sdb"

Extra packages installed with no problems. Settings persist between sessions. Great! We should probably document this.

bsjones Compose Built from rawhide/F18 Composed from F17 Yes Suggest renaming the ISO accordingly with a version number and dist until composes are generated by the Spins team
bsjones Desktop Effects Deskop Effects do not interfere with Jack/Xruns More XRuns while Desktop effects are turned on ? Investigate turning off by default
bsjones Missing packages Required / Nice to have ? pavucontrol / rtirq
bsjones Seq24 / Zynaddsubfx Adequate performance with no Xruns Many Xruns yes I need to investigate the root cause of this problem
bsjones qjackctl Setup using Alsa interface Jack fails to start yes Not sure why this is happening - more investigation required
bsjones module-jack-source / module-jack-sink Should be loaded by default using the pulse module-jackdbus-detect Have to load sink/sources manually yes Maybe a deficiency in the version of pulseaudio currently in F17. More investigation required