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بلوچی وی کی پروژه فدورا

Visit to learn about or to download Fedora. The Fedora Project wiki is a place for end users and developers to collaborate. You can find more information or add some yourself. Write access to the wiki is limited to those in the EditGroup. You can join the wiki by the following the instructions in WikiEditing page.

The Fedora common bugs page is useful for finding fixes to already known issues.

The Fedora Project

Overview for a quick overview on what makes Fedora, Fedora. Download Fedora from the main Fedora project site. Find documentation on Fedora or interact with the Fedora community. Report bugs or request enhancements . For excellent summaries of what is happening in Fedora, look at our weekly news reports. To see how many Fedora users are out there, look at our Statistics page. The Fedora 8 Release Summary covers our most recent release. The Release Schedule gives a timeline of the next release. The Road Map documents the features planned for the next release.

Fedora Sub-Projects For Contributors

Fedora Ambassadors Fedora Marketing Fedora Bug Triaging
Fedora Testing Fedora Directory Server Fedora Infrastructure
Planet Fedora Fedora Websites Fedora Artwork
Fedora Translation Fedora I18N Fedora Games
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