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Agenda for February 13, 2008


  • Date: Wednesday, February 13, 2008
  • Time: 04:000UTC (i.e. Tuesday 11:00PM EST)
  • Location: #fedora-meeting on freenode

Current status

______ currently open Fedora bugs!

F7 and F8

Rawhide since 2007-10-01

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Unresolved Topics and Followup From Previous Meetings

Check with individual owners for current status.

If owner is not present, roll issue foward to next meeting. Otherwise reflect action or decision in minutes for the current meeting.
  • Metrics gathering - JonStanley
  • University Outreach - JonStanley
  • Wiki cleanup - JohnPoelstra
  • Training - JohnPoelstra
  • Reporting - JeffNeedle

New Topics

MUST be resolved this week

  • Announcement of launch discussion
  • Revisit CLA requirement (depending on outcome of FAB post)
  • Training dates???

Should be brought up, but if not defer to next week