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Meeting Recap 2008-Feb-06

Old Business

Bug Metrics

JonStanley has evaluated rrdtool. doesn't think it's a good fit. Will look into gnuplot or others. Carry forward to next meeting

University Outreach

JonStanley made the page, probably needs some more meat. Reached out to the CommunityArchitecture team to come up with more ideas.

Wiki Cleanup

JohnPoelstra never got to use the time he set aside for this since the Alpha was released that day, and due to strain, the wiki became MIA.

New Business


It was decided that the path of least resistance to get a training program off the ground was to do the training via IRC with supporting materials. One of those supporting materials is a slide deck. JohnPoelstra to work on pulling this together.

JonStanley to work on drafting an announcement of the relaunch to f-announce-l, f-devel-l, and f-test-l.

The need for a slide deck at FUDCon Boston was mentioned as a long term goal. JonStanley to work on putting this together as a long term project.

created as a place for tracking action items.

Stock Responses

ChristopherBrown will make sure that this is current.


This was agreed to and moved to [':BugZappers/Workflow:]

IRC log

Next Meeting

Wednesday, February 13, 2007 at 04:00UTC in #fedora-meeting on freenode