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Meeting Recap 2008-Feb-13

Meeting time

04:00UTC on 13-Feb-08

Old Business


Nothing much new here since last meeting.

University Outreach

Target audience has been defined

Wiki cleanup, reporting, training

Owners not present due to lateness of meeting

New Business

Announcement of launch

Some discussion around that, decided that the form is generally good. I'm likely to reword the training time things to say to send a note to f-test-list, due to some wiki editing restrictions on non-CLA folks.

CLA requirement

As discussed on f-a-b, this will remain in place until FAS2, and will then be revisited.

Training dates

Unknown, JonStanley to follow up with JohnPoelstra. UPDATE: followed up, materials aren't quite ready. Aiming for 2/20 for readiness.