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Meeting of BugZappers {2008-01-19}


  • JonStanley (jds2001)
  • JohnPoelstra (poelcat)
  • KevinFenzi (nirik)
  • ManuelWolfshant (wolfy)
  • spoleeba
  • owentl
  • j6k



It was decided that having statistics available for bug counts, especially as trends over time, would be valuable. KevinFenzi suggested some graphs via rrdtool. JonStanley will look into it and get back to Kevin if required.

Workflow proposal

The workflow proposal at was discussed and generally agreed that it was a good idea. The elimination of ON_DEV from the proposal was discussed. A transition to MODIFIED was added, since that was forgotten in the original document.

The proposed closure after 30 days of NEEDINFO bugs was discussed. It was agreed that manual review is required, since some bugs could be in NEEDINFO(maintainer), in the event of a non-responsive maintainer who does not look at bugzilla.

Community Building

The importance of good documentation to have a successful launch was discussed. Wiki pages need to be on-topic, covering just one topic, rather than the current mess that we have. JohnPoelstra is actively working on this.

The concept of Bug Days was discussed, and it was agreed that, for the most part, bug days are a useless waste of everyone's time - new contributors and old ones alike. Instead, the proposal is to hold 'training classes' whereby experienced triagers can teach new ones the art of triage. It was suggested that there be a 'open enrollment' period of one week either one week prior to or one week after a release.

A time commitment for triaging was also discussed - we want a triager to be involved throughout a release if possible. However, there are no other examples in Fedora of this.

A form of signup for specific components was discussed, such that gaps in coverage could be identified. This would not preclude other triagers from covering that component also.

Having someone to hang out in #fedorabot and triage incoming bugs was also discussed. It was pointed out that #fedorabots is a little hard to parse right now, and we would probably want to have a different setup that is more useful for triage.

Hopefully we can get JohnRose (inode0) in this meeting next week in order to discuss outreach at universities.

Dealing with non-responsive maintainers

Some ideas of dealing with non-responsive maintainers were discussed, including a monthly report to FESco/fedora-devel-list that "these maintainers are not processing their bugs in a timely manner and need some help"

IRC log

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