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Fedora BugZappers meeting 2008-Jan-23


  • JonStanley (jds2001)
  • JohnPoelstra (poelcat)
  • WillWoods (wwoods)
  • ChristopherBrown (snecklifter)
  • JohnRose (inode0)
  • KevinFenzi (nirik)
  • BobJensen (EvilBob)
  • owentl
  • JeffNeedle (jmn)


Open bugs are down below 13,000 for the first time since this project (soft)relaunched

Community Building

Discussed getting university students from "non-traditional" disciplines to contribute to opensource. How to reach them - normal methods won't work to reach the non-traditional type of student. JonStanley and JohnRose to come up with some sort of a wiki page describing required skillsets and demographics.

Wiki Cleanup

JohnPoelstra to have wiki cleanup complete(?) by next week. Discuss schedule for training classes for new triagers at that time. ChristopherBrown will get some links to some canned queries for finding bugs to triage.

Lifecycle Proposal

It was agreed that for membership in fedorabugs in FAS, cla_done would be required and that was it. JonStanley was to approve all pending memberships that met that criteria. Update - done - JonStanley

Need to determine who gets sponsor status in FAS and how. Also, watching new contributors while they triage bugs - is it worthwhile?


Some discussion around Bugzilla reporting - extracting CSV reports without a login cookie.

Triage client would make a great SoC project - J5 is already working on something with MyFedora, not sure how applicable that is to this particular use case.

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