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jds2001 who's here? 10:00
* stickster is sort of here 10:00
aitrus harrow 10:00
stickster jds2001: No mcepl? Our meeting "owner"? 10:02
jds2001 apparently not :) 10:02
jds2001 nor comphappy 10:02
* jds2001 is lucky $work meeting got rescheduled to Friday (and then cancelled) 10:03
stickster jds2001: Do you want to take it over since you're obviously here? 10:03
stickster (if it's worth having with just two of us around) 10:03
* jds2001 not sure it's worth it, since I didnt do anything last week :( 10:04
stickster jds2001: I didn't either, I'm ashamed to say -- but not out of disinterest 10:04
jds2001 work has had me bogged down morning, noon, and night 10:04
jds2001 heh same here. 10:04
jds2001 before we adjourn i guess, what targets to set for next week? 10:06
stickster jds2001: *sigh 10:08
stickster Aha, there's our organizer 10:08
comphappy morning 10:08
jds2001 morning 10:08
comphappy who all do we have here 10:08
stickster morning comphappy 10:08
jds2001 me and stickster :) 10:09
stickster The three of us, apparently. I pinged mcepl but he's not around. 10:09
comphappy well we might as well get started 10:09
stickster comphappy: Ready when you are 10:09
comphappy first I think that the stats that were given last week were wrong 10:10
jds2001 Do you have the link that poelcat used? 10:10
comphappy if you look at the ones that i generated in the agenda they show that our situation is much worse :/ 10:10
comphappy no i was not here last week 10:11
jds2001 oh, ok 10:11
stickster Yies 10:12
stickster *Yikes,even 10:12
comphappy 10:12
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comphappy I think we need to see what we can do to pull more people in to help ideas? 10:13
jds2001 hmm i see 1480 NEW rawhide bugs 10:13
jds2001 which is in line with what was mentioned last week 10:14
comphappy that could be what he was talking about 10:14
jds2001 yeah, it was. 10:14
comphappy should our focus be rawhide or releases 10:14
comphappy i have been doing release work 10:14
jds2001 ideally everything, but rawhide is the biggest win 10:14
mcepl sorry, I am here late 10:15
jds2001 youre fired :) 10:15
comphappy we are just getting started 10:15
stickster comphappy: Yes, I think we covered that last week, re: focus. 10:15
comphappy mcepl, take a look here 10:15
mcepl ok, and? 10:16
comphappy from what I read of last weeks chat we said we were going to focus on bugs of status NEW 10:16
mcepl I got "Reporting and Charting Kitchen" 10:16
comphappy 10:17
jds2001 yeah, that tinyurl must be busted 10:17
mcepl 10:17
comphappy are we wanting to narrow our focus more and say rawhide NEW 10:18
comphappy i think release 8 should be the least of our focus 10:18
comphappy if we start with rawhide we might be able to catch back up 10:19
jds2001 and we *do* need more folks 10:20
jds2001 but to get them, we need something that stickster mentioned to me months ago, documentation. 10:20
jds2001 and we have someone to write it, even :) 10:21
comphappy I have been working on fixing some of the wiki 10:21
comphappy I added info on mcepl's greasemonkey scripts 10:21
comphappy what is "missing" 10:22
jds2001 cool. What I think would be ultra-cool is if Murray actually *did* some triage (not much) and tell us where what we have is lacking. 10:22
mcepl comphappy: well, info is not enough, I would need somebody who is not Red Hat employee to maintain them. 10:22
jds2001 or if anyone else tells us what's lacking, really :) 10:22
jds2001 why exclude RHT employees? 10:23
comphappy mcepl, sorry i know nothing about writing greasemonkey scripts, and I have enough things on my plate to learn and keep on top of 10:24
jds2001 mcepl: can you check them into the triage git repo? 10:24
jds2001 i added you since you have all those great things :) You probably get mail from FAS about being added to 'gittriage' 10:25
comphappy jds2001, who is Murray? 10:25
jds2001 repo is ssh:// 10:25
mcepl BTW, one more thing is lacking -- we are saying that for moving from NEW to ASSIGNED the only thing needed is to have enough information. Actually, it isn't -- if possible (and I know that in many cases, it is not possible) but triager should try its commercially reasonable effort to reproduce the bug and if she manages to do so, make note about it in the bug comment. He may be later called to test whether the bug has been fixed. 10:25
mcepl comphappy: 10:26
mcepl just a little bit of Javascript really, nothing much complicated. 10:26
mcepl jds2001: OH, THAT is the explanation! 10:26
jds2001 comphappy: Murray McAllister, a docs guy 10:27
jds2001 stickster could probably say more :) 10:27
comphappy mcepl, i know but i dont feel dependable as a maintainer for that sorry 10:28
mcepl OK 10:28
mcepl anybody else? 10:28
comphappy but they seem to work fine right now? 10:28
* jds2001 doesnt know javascript 10:28
jds2001 yeah, they work fine for now 10:28
stickster Me neither. I stole someone else's the other day. 10:28
jds2001 maybe a little cleanup is in order. 10:28
comphappy I could take a look at them and see what I can do 10:29
stickster jds2001: I think what's on the site is pretty good, but cleanup could be useful. 10:29
stickster Trying to orient things on a Q&A basis is often really helpful. 10:29
comphappy stickster have you used the greasemonkey scripts i linked 10:29
mcepl The changes needed are usually trivial -- adding new button (copy one line of text), adding new text (copying two blocks of text). I will gladly help to explain everything, but it is really bother for me to switch to non-RH account all the tiem. 10:30
jds2001 we need questions first :) 10:30
stickster comphappy: No 10:30
comphappy stickster this week give it a try 10:30
comphappy its located in the tools section on the wiki 10:30
comphappy ok well lets move on we are 1/2 done 10:31
comphappy there was some discussion of a "bug hour" 10:31
mcepl jds2001: OK, so should I add new directory greasemonkey? 10:32
jds2001 mcepl: sure 10:32
jds2001 and whatever else you like :) 10:32
mcepl all: could somebody reply to my comment about trying to reproduce? 10:32
jds2001 oh, yes 10:32
comphappy mcepl, yes 10:32
jds2001 i try most of the time if I can. 10:32
jds2001 especially if it's a crasher with no stack trace, it's imperative that you do to gather one. 10:33
comphappy but I dont think it should hold people back 10:33
comphappy if it is a hardware dependent issue and you dont have it i dont think it should just be skipped 10:34
jds2001 (obviously if you cant make it happen, ask the reporter to reproduce and for a stack trace) 10:34
comphappy sounds like a new button for the GreaseMonkey script 10:34
jds2001 i think there already is one fo rthat. 10:35
jds2001 but the wording maybe needs to be cleaned up a little. 10:35
comphappy ok well lets go back to what I wanted to move on to Bug Hour 10:35
jds2001 Ubuntu has bug days, Mozilla does, etc. 10:36
comphappy it seemed like this would be a place we could drag new triagers in 10:36
jds2001 poelcat and I have discussed this at length before 10:36
comphappy and give them a short training on bugs 10:36
jds2001 what is needed is FOCUS. 10:36
jds2001 like "today, we're doing OO.o" 10:36
comphappy I agree 10:37
jds2001 he said that he has participated in several bug days and it felt like a waste of his time 10:38
jds2001 since they basically just said "go forth!" 10:38
comphappy you remember when i started and pestered you in fedora-qa as i was going though 10:38
jds2001 yep, that's what we need. 10:39
comphappy that could be reduced by doing it all at once 10:39
comphappy i.e. bug hour 10:39
jds2001 there is a presentation in the git repo, btw that I gave at FUDCon. 10:39
jds2001 we skipped the last part of the presentation in favor of live demo. 10:39
mcepl jds2001: 10:39
jds2001 interesting 10:40
comphappy I was thinking that next year i should do one at my local linuxfest there was a lot of interest in helping with fedora there this year 10:41
comphappy Jesse was there and did a few 10:41
mcepl well, probably more than bug hour, I would think something like Q&A office hours -- this is the time, when somebody will be prepared on #fedora-qa to answer your questions. Of course, we are there all the time, but to emphasize that in this time specially we are there and the answers should be asked. 10:41
jds2001 sounds good to me, the concept has been brought up in multiple contexts recently 10:42
comphappy Should i create a chart that people "sign-up" on the wiki 10:42
jds2001 i think there is one 10:42
jds2001 oh, for office hours you mean 10:42
jds2001 sure 10:42
jds2001 i'll be available in the evenings Eastern time 10:43
comphappy I will send something to the list when I get it up 10:43
jds2001 we should also publish our Fedora Talk extensions 10:43
comphappy the VOIP stuff? 10:43
jds2001 yeah 10:44
comphappy ok I will make a table for that too 10:44
jds2001 get a headset if you dont have one :) 10:44
comphappy I have yet to test it 10:44
jds2001 I jsut did this weekend. 10:45
jds2001 setting up ekiga is sorta non-obvious, ping me if you have problems. 10:45
comphappy ok, lets set some goals for next week and a focus 10:45
comphappy rawhide is 1481 10:46
comphappy on NEW 10:46
comphappy NEEDINFO is only at 107 10:46
comphappy does taking NEW down to 1381 by next week sound reasonable 10:48
jds2001 sure 10:48
comphappy ok lets do it, I will add it to our goals 10:49
comphappy and for the sake of consistency lets all use this query to base results? 10:50
comphappy jds2001, i edited your wikiizing script to make it work a little better and will commit it tonight or tomorrow 10:51
comphappy ok that covers everything in the agenda for this week, any short topics people want to bring up? 10:52
comphappy It would be nice to have 10 people here next week 10:52
mcepl jds2001: I will need you privately (I cannot log to that fedorahosted thing) 10:53
jds2001 ok 10:54
* jds2001 just got a call from work 10:54
jds2001 stupid question, youre using the same key as in your FAS acct? 10:54
mcepl sure 10:55
mcepl and I can commit to CVS 10:55
jds2001 weird 10:55
comphappy who is going to post the log? 10:55
comphappy y 10:55
comphappy and last weeks never made in onto the wiki 10:56
comphappy although i know it was uploaded 10:56
comphappy 10:56
comphappy jds2001, can you get todays log up? 10:57
mcepl jds2001: silly me, different account name 10:58
comphappy ok i think that ends out meeting 11:00
comphappy I think we go something accomplished 11:00
comphappy would someone please change the channel msg 11:01
* comphappy is off to work 11:03
* stickster has been in and out, sorry -- sorting out internship details. 11:04

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