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Bug Triage Meeting :: 2008-11-04


  • jlaska
  • jds2001
  • comphappy
  • quantumburnz
  • poelcat


  • No response to request for information on changes to FEver bugs. Dropping topic
  • poelcat updated the wiki with reasons why triage is important BugZappers/Why
    • needs better integration with the rest of the BugZapper's pages
    • need help from documentation team for overall review of BugZapper docs

Complete For Next Week's Meeting

  • BugZappers/HouseKeeping/Fedora10
    • review text
    • doublecheck queries
    • submit tickets to RHT Eng Ops
  • jds2001 to draft message to fedora-devel-announce about upcoming rawhide rebase

IRC Transcript

poelcat hello who is around? 07:01
poelcat ping jds2001 quantumburnz jlaska ke4qqq and anyone else interested 07:02
jlaska poelcat: hello! 07:04
poelcat jlaska: hi 07:05
* poelcat thinks this could be a short meeting 07:06
* jds2001 here, sorry im late 07:07
poelcat jds2001: hey 07:07
jds2001 windows sucks, just in case we didn't already know that :) 07:07
jlaska heh 07:07
jlaska but have you tried mohave? :) 07:07
* jds2001 using $DAYJOB laptop and it had to be rebooted to fix the network. 07:08
poelcat okay let's get started... i'll try to move through the agenda quickly :) 07:08
poelcat 1) FEver bugs... no response from owner I say we drop this topic. Objections? 07:09
jds2001 none her 07:09
jds2001 here 07:09
jlaska none here either 07:10
poelcat 2) I updated the wiki with reasons why triage is important BugZappers/Why 07:10
poelcat content should probably be better integrated somewhere else 07:10
poelcat does anyone recall/know what happened with getting help from docs group to streamline our content? 07:11
jlaska I like the reasons, what were you thinking in terms of doc integration? 07:11
jds2001 not sure, murray mcallister is the person that stickster "assigned" 07:11
jds2001 just general cleanup and stuff 07:12
jlaska gotcha 07:12
poelcat jlaska: as i looked for a place to put the info I came across several dead/half started triage pages 07:12
stickster It's hard for Murray to be here for meetings, he's in AUS 07:12
poelcat and we repeat ourselves a lot :) 07:12
jds2001 stickster: that's fine.... 07:13
poelcat i also got an email from someone wanting to help w/ triage in response to 07:13
ggnore hellow 07:14
poelcat but they repeated one of the usual things we hear "i read the pages, but had no idea where to start" 07:14
poelcat ggnore: welcome 07:14
jds2001 $DAYJOB call.... 07:15
poelcat quantumburnz: around? 07:15
poelcat 3) update BugZappers/HouseKeeping/Fedora10 and submit tickets 07:16
jlaska poelcat: I hear that a lot ... from different groups. Can the doc be that bad? It's clear to me 07:16
poelcat quantumburnz: drafted the page... i'll go over it and submit tickets this week 07:16
poelcat jlaska: my hunch is that the doc "isn't that bad" and that we are not good iteraction/content designers :) 07:17
jds2001 clear to me too..... 07:17
poelcat and that we are too familiar (or familiar enough) with the content to not see what is wrong 07:18
poelcat personally I think we give people too many options or paths... I know other people see that as the beauty of Fedora too :) 07:19
comphappy I have to take off but, one thing that I would like to see addressed is what our response should be to bugs where a nice report has been sent, but the person assigned has not replied in over a month (see this with the kernel a lot). 07:19
poelcat comphappy: hi! 07:19
poelcat comphappy: i thought someone was advocating a non-responsive maintainer policy on the devel list 07:20
poelcat i don't think it gained a lot of traction 07:20
poelcat and while it would definitely help reporters feel appreciated I'm not sure that falls to us :-/ ? 07:21
poelcat maybe finding a way to collect info and report on bugs not responded to could be one way we might help 07:21
poelcat ? 07:21
* jds2001 wonders if python-bugzilla can query by modification date 07:22
* poelcat still feels that we are still not that successful with our core mission 07:22
jds2001 it might be something I could teach it if it can't do that today. 07:22
poelcat so a couple of takeaways we don't have solutions for today... 1) we have an unsolved docs/getting started problem 07:24
poelcat 2) what to do about bugs that have been triaged and are quality bug reports, but nothing has happend to them 07:24
poelcat anything else on this topic? 07:24
poelcat next topic: "rawhide rebase" 07:26
poelcat jds2001: i left it out of the notes, but I thought you were going to send mail to fedora-devel-announc? 07:27
jds2001 gack! 07:27
* quantumburnz returns -- sorry for the tardiness! 07:27
poelcat quantumburnz: hi! 07:27
quantumburnz hello :D 07:27
jds2001 knew I forgot something this weekend, and I thought it was a successful weekend :/ 07:27
poelcat jds2001: how about if we draft it on gobby 07:29
poelcat and then we'll make the text part of our templates/SOP 07:29
poelcat so that it is easy to do next time? 07:29
jds2001 sure thing! 07:29
poelcat maybe use an old email as a starting point? 07:30
jds2001 yeah, I'll try and get something up this evening 07:31
poelcat jds2001: when do you think we should send it? 07:32
* comphappy is of to $EDUMICATION but will triage more bugs later this week and weekend 07:32
jds2001 good question 07:32
jds2001 i'm not really sure when the best time would be 07:35
jds2001 hello???? 07:37
poelcat how about next tuesday? 07:37
poelcat 2 weeks before it happens... or sooner is better? 07:37
jds2001 2 weeks is enough notice, maybe even too much 07:38
jds2001 ppl will forget that we said anything by the time that it happens. 07:38
jds2001 but you can't please everyone :) 07:38
poelcat okay, then let's send it when it is done 07:39
poelcat quantumburnz: where did we leave off with BugZappers/HouseKeeping/Fedora10 07:40
quantumburnz it's pretty much done as far as I could go. the links just need to be double checked. 07:40
poelcat quantumburnz: okay, thanks doing it... i'll give it a double check 07:42
poelcat anyone else is welcome to as well 07:42
quantumburnz cool, np 07:42
poelcat anything else before we wrap up? 07:42
poelcat any general questions about bug triage, how to get started, etc.? 07:42
quantumburnz i don't have much... i've just been trying to work through the kernel bugs. 07:44
jds2001 none here..... 07:44
poelcat quantumburnz: great! 07:45
poelcat okay if there are any other questions, etc. we're on #fedora-qa, fedora-test-list, or email me directly :) 07:45
poelcat thanks for coming to today's meeting 07:46

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