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Bug Triage Meeting :: 2008-11-11


  • John5342
  • poelcat
  • quantumbrnz
  • jlaska
  • mcepl
  • jds2001

Rawhide Rebase

New Rawhide Bugs

  • NEW rawhide bugs
  • would like to get this list down to zero by November 25th
  • stop-gap measure is to scan list for possible release blockers
    • add to appropriate blocker list
    • feel free to join #fedora-blocker

NEW/ASSIGNED State Transition

  • process remains unchanged
  • it is suggested that maintainers who want a special state use ON_DEV

Preparing For Release Day

IRC Transcript

poelcat who is around? 07:02
* John5342 is here 07:02
* jlaska lurking 07:02
quantumburnz haha, i made sure i didn't miss it this time and i started to worry i missed it again or something ;) 07:02
poelcat hi! 07:03
poelcat jds2001 ? 07:03
poelcat our main topic for today is BugZappers/HouseKeeping/Fedora10 07:04
poelcat is there anything else people would like to cover? 07:05
* jds2001 here 07:05
poelcat jds2001: hi 07:05
jds2001 ok, i started something on gobby and got distracted. 07:06
poelcat :) 07:06
poelcat we really need to send that today I think 07:06
jds2001 comphappy wnated us to discuss the NEW/ASSIGNED status thing a bit too. 07:06
jds2001 he can't be here today. 07:06
John5342 poelcat: just noticed criteria for f8 stuff includes not closed but rawhide > f10 doesnt mention it. 07:07
poelcat John5342: quantumburnz jlaska have you connected to gobby before? 07:07
quantumburnz nope 07:07
jlaska poelcat: I have 07:07
John5342 poelcat: never even heard of it 07:08
jlaska err, not any fedora hosted gobby's 07:08
poelcat John5342: quantumburnz have you logged into fedorapeople w/ ssh before? (you will need to go get the password) 07:09
jds2001 jlaska: you have to ssh to and cat ~lmacken/gobby 07:09
poelcat we could review the announcement right now 07:09
quantumburnz john5342: i think you're right. that probably should include status != closed 07:09
quantumburnz poelcat: no, I haven't logged into fedorapeople before 07:10
jlaska jds2001: what's the gobby server? 07:10
poelcat quantumburnz: have you uploaded an ssh key to your fedora account? 07:10
quantumburnz yes 07:10
jds2001 jlaska: gobby.fp.o 07:11
poelcat quantumburnz: 'ssh' 07:11
jlaska jds2001: thanks 07:11
quantumburnz ok, i'm in 07:12
poelcat 07:14
poelcat quantumburnz: retrieve the passwd and then connect to gobby 07:14
mcepl here 07:14
poelcat mcepl: hi 07:14
jds2001 thing is called F10-Rebase-Email 07:14
jds2001 mcepl: hop on gobby to go through our cleanup mail? 07:15
mcepl sorry, I am late -- could you feed with the context, please? 07:15
* John5342 will join in once he remembers key password 07:15
jds2001 to f-d-a :) 07:15
mcepl gobby? 07:15
poelcat jds2001: what is the name of the doc? 07:15
jds2001 07:15
jds2001 F10-Rebase-Email 07:15
* quantumburnz is installing gobby 07:17
poelcat mcepl: we're working on the wording for the rawhide rebase email 07:17
mcepl OK, sorry, it will take a second before I install gobby 07:17
jds2001 i dunno if by using line breaks im helping or hurting 07:18
jds2001 i guess it depends on who sends it. :) 07:18
quantumburnz AmbassadorsWorldDominationPlan, lol. do I need to subscribe to anything? 07:20
jds2001 F10-Rebase-Email 07:20
quantumburnz got it, thanks 07:20
jds2001 you can review our plan for world domination if you like. 07:20
jds2001 I think we used that at FADNA. 07:20
mcepl bloody rpm broke again 07:21
quantumburnz how did you break rpm? 07:21
mcepl there is a bug for it in BZ, don't worry, I have to from time to time rm -f /var/lib/rpm/__db* ; rpm --rebuilddb 07:22
quantumburnz ahh, ya, i had to do that yesterday... 07:23
mcepl here 07:25
poelcat Should we send an email notification at the time Fedora 8 bugs are autoclosed? 07:27
mcepl to whom? 07:29
poelcat mcepl: from bugzilla to the owner, CCs, etc 07:31
mcepl so basically new comment to the bug? 07:32
poelcat mcepl: yes it will be a new comment to the bug... we can decide whether email notification goes out or not 07:33
mcepl cool 07:33
jds2001 folks were really concerned with spam last time. 07:34
poelcat are we happy with what we've got? 07:41
poelcat jds2001: are you still willing to be the target, I mean, sender? ;-) 07:42
jds2001 poelcat: sure :) 07:42
jds2001 are we done? 07:42
quantumburnz looks pretty good to me. 07:43
mcepl I made one more change, what do you think? 07:44
poelcat mcepl: great 07:44
poelcat we should cover a couple more things before we run out of time 07:44
mcepl otherwise, it is +1 from me 07:45
jds2001 oops what was the change 07:45
jds2001 i had already copied it out 07:45
poelcat next topic... NEW rawhide bugs 07:45
poelcat ideally we would get this list down to zero by november 25th 07:45
poelcat i'm losing confidence that will happen 07:46
poelcat you can still help however but scanning the list for possible release blockers 07:46
poelcat and continuing to triage 07:46
poelcat s/but/by 07:46
poelcat also feel free to join #fedora-blocker 07:46
poelcat where a group of key maintainers is assembled to discuss blocker bugs 07:47
quantumburnz that list has a bad habbit of growing or continuing to stay around the same number of bugs... :( 07:47
poelcat it is a good place to ask if you aren't sure 07:47
poelcat quantumburnz: yeah... it isn't ALL bad, imagine what would happen if we did nothing 07:47
poelcat but still I wish we could take bigger chunks out of it :) 07:47
quantumburnz hehe, very very true 07:48
poelcat jds2001: what did comphappy want to discuss re: NEW/ASSIGNED 07:49
mcepl I am fighting hard to keep all Xorg/Gecko bugs out of NEW, but it is pretty tough -- xorg-x11-drv-{i810,ati,nv} doesn't make it easy. 07:49
jds2001 poelcat: just that there was pushback 07:51
jds2001 and that we said we'd discuss it again. 07:51
quantumburnz what's a pushback? 07:52
jds2001 but it seems to be all Steve, and while he's a great guy, we have a workflow that would work for him (ON_DEV) 07:52
mcepl yeah, I haven't checked whether he react to my reply 07:53
poelcat quantumburnz: slang... someone is "pushing back" or disagreeing or not wanting to go along with what the current way is 07:53
mcepl quantumburnz: fedora-test thread "who moved my bugs?" 07:53
jds2001 actually think it was f-devel 07:53
* poelcat keeps thinking "who moved my chesse" 07:53
poelcat cheese 07:53
jds2001 maybe it got cross-posted or something :) 07:53
quantumburnz ahh, ya, i haven't been doing the best at keeping up with that email list... 07:53
poelcat it was fedora-devel only I think 07:54
mcepl ok, whatever 07:55
poelcat anything else to add to the NEW/ASSIGNED discussion besides suggesting people use ON_DEV ? 07:55
mcepl hmm, interesting, he doesn't seem to reply 07:56
quantumburnz wow, i feel so behind the power curve, sorry guys. what's the purpose of ON_DEV and should we be using it? 07:56
mcepl I don't think so -- only a bad libel, that most noise is made by people who have 22 bugs total in bugzilla. :( 07:56
poelcat BugZappers/BugStatusWorkFlow 07:56
poelcat sweet! someone updated the diagram :) 07:57
quantumburnz ya, certainly doesn't look the same... 07:57
mcepl quantumburnz: no, it used to be used for something, but now it is kept there for legacy reasons -- so some people find it useful to distinguish between bugs which are ASSIGNED to them and bugs which they actually work on 07:57
quantumburnz thanks 07:58
poelcat last topic... i'm working on these tasks this week BugZappers/HouseKeeping/TwoWeeksBeforeRelease 07:58
poelcat most we have already covered :) 07:58
poelcat and last last topic... if you think we need wording changes for the proposed bugzilla comments, edit away... 07:59
poelcat BugZappers/HouseKeeping/Fedora10 07:59
poelcat it is a wiki :) 07:59
poelcat jds2001: would it be worthwhile to point FESCo at this ^^ page as an FYI 08:00
poelcat at their meeting this week 08:00
poelcat just remind them about what is going on in the neighborhood 08:00
mcepl yeah 08:02
poelcat okay thanks everyone! 08:03

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