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Bug Triage Meeting :: 2008-10-21


  • quantumburnz
  • jds2001
  • poelcat
  • linuxguru
  • inode1

Status Updates

  • No update on FEver bugs--poelcat will check with owner again
  • Two people had questions about getting added to the fedorabugs group:
    • You must have signed the CLA and request to be added to the fedorabugs group--it doesn't happen automatically if you sign the CLA
  • Still looking for more feedback on the greasemonkey scripts

Triage Priorities

  • highest priority bugs to triage are here
    • identify and add applicable bugs to the release blocker or tracker bug list
    • identify any bugs that are RFE or feature requests--add FutureFeature keyword
    • at or around 2008-11-25 we will rebase all rawhide bugs that are !package reviews and !FutureFeature to version "10"
    • we have quite a ways to go ~729 NEW bugs as of now

Why Triage Bugs

Bugzilla Maintenance

IRC Transcript

poelcat who is here to talk about bugs? :) 07:00
quantumburnz good morning :D 07:01
poelcat quantumburnz: morning 07:01
poelcat ping jlaska: jds2001 ke4qqq-afk ... anyone else 07:01
quantumburnz that's not veyr hopeful... 07:02
quantumburnz *very 07:02
* jds2001 here kinda 07:03
jds2001 give me a few minutes and I'll be all the way here :) 07:03
poelcat jds2001: okay... wait until 10 minutes past the hour? 07:03
quantumburnz fine by me -- i'll ask you a question in the mean time poelcat 07:05
poelcat quantumburnz: hit me! 07:05
quantumburnz I'm interested in joining the bug triaging group. I went through the steps on the site but I still haven't been accepted to the Bugs Group on FAS. 07:06
poelcat quantumburnz: what is your FAS account name? 07:06
quantumburnz quantumburnz 07:06
quantumburnz hehe 07:06
linuxguru poelcat, yeah i have the same issue here. 07:07
linuxguru i was told if i had cla_done i will get accepted automatically ? 07:07
poelcat linuxguru: no you, still have to request fedorabugs 07:07
linuxguru did so few days back 07:07
jds2001 that means I suck :) 07:08
poelcat linuxguru: i'll go look... usually jds2001 takes care of those :) 07:08
jds2001 it's automatic meaning you don't have to do anything else, I still need to click the button :) 07:08
quantumburnz i figured that was the case. i just didn't know who to talk to... 07:09
linuxguru okay 07:09
jds2001 oh my there's quite the queue 07:09
quantumburnz my second question is about the bugzilla triage buttons. I installed GreaseMonkey but when I click on the link to the Bugzilla Triage Buttons it gives me an error 404 07:10
jds2001 ok, buttons all clicked except 1 :) 07:11
jds2001 who didn't sign the CLA 07:11
poelcat quantumburnz: that is odd 07:11
jds2001 no comphappy :( 07:12
quantumburnz yay, it shows I'm approved. thanks jds2001. 07:12
linuxguru thanks jds2001 07:12
jds2001 np 07:12
poelcat quantumburnz: what url are you using to retrieve the script? 07:12
poelcat i just tried and it worked 07:13
quantumburnz from 07:13
jds2001 oh my 07:13
jds2001 that's old I think 07:13
poelcat use this instead 07:13
quantumburnz sweet, looks like that worked 07:14
poelcat so we should probably get started... 07:14
poelcat first topic: FEver... anyone seeing any more of those bugs? 07:15
* poelcat didn't hear back from owners as to whether they implemented the change 07:15
jds2001 quantumburnz: wiki page fixed 07:16
poelcat and while we're waiting for feedback on that did anyone else get a chance to try the GM script? 07:16
quantumburnz hehe, ya, I just edited it too ;) 07:16
poelcat i've found the buttons to save a lot of time! 07:16
poelcat i'm looking forward to comphappy also adding buttons for the tracker/blocker bugs 07:17
* jds2001 would help but I don't know anything about JavaScript :( 07:17
quantumburnz For what it's worth, from what I've read about the GM script, it sounds like it will be very helpful. 07:18
poelcat quantumburnz: did you have any other questions about triage? 07:19
poelcat or linuxguru 07:20
poelcat if not that is okay, just wanted to make sure 07:20
quantumburnz well, perhaps the best question is where to start? I know there's a tons of bugs :D 07:20
quantumburnz I can reference the Bug Zappers page, it's pretty helpful, but if there's anything in particular I should be working on.. 07:21
poelcat quantumburnz: yes, the higest priority is bugs on this list: 07:21
quantumburnz roger that 07:22
poelcat those are all the untriaged rawhide bugs which could include important issues that need to be fixed before release 07:22
poelcat we also want to try and get that list to near zero by 2008-11-20 07:23
poelcat to identify any bugs that are RFE or feature requests so we can mark them as such 07:23
quantumburnz RFE? 07:23
poelcat at or around 2008-11-25 we will rebase all rawhide bugs that are !package reviews and !FutureFeature to version "10" 07:23
poelcat quantumburnz: "request for enhancement" 07:24
quantumburnz thanks 07:24
poelcat as you can see we have quite a ways to go ~729 bugs last I checked 07:24
* poelcat hopes to knock 100 off that list today 07:24
poelcat but then new ones show up :) 07:25
poelcat quantumburnz: if you have any questions about how to handle a particular bug feel free to post to fedora-test-list 07:25
poelcat or ask on #fedora-qa 07:25
quantumburnz will do. i think i need to review the bug zappers page again before i get started. it's been a few days since i've read it. 07:26
jds2001 inode1: you just lurking here or what?!?! :) 07:27
jds2001 for those that don't know, inode1 is the central regional ambassador lead 07:28
jds2001 and the NA ambassadors are setting up a mentoring program 07:28
inode1 sorry, day starting in mode-busy 07:28
jds2001 and triage is one of those things that we hope to mentor folks on. 07:29
kulll ya 07:29
jds2001 inode1: no problem, just giving you a hard time as normal :) 07:29
kulll im interested in learning in triaging bug 07:29
poelcat kulll: did you have any specific questions? 07:30
kulll no sry for interupting 07:30
jds2001 also, if anyone needs help, feel free to call me at 5102788 on Fedora Talk at a reasonable hour - that goes to a SIP phone at my apartment. 07:30
quantumburnz what's your time zone? 07:31
jds2001 us/eastern 07:31
* inode1 thinks a number of people would really like a walkthrough of the process and some suggestions for how to identify things beginners can do and how to learn to do more 07:32
poelcat kulll: that's okay, glad you want to help 07:32
jds2001 inode1: you think screencasts are the right way?: 07:32
poelcat inode1: any ideas how and where to gather those people? :) 07:32
comphappy perhaps someone with there vast amounts of spare time could put a screen cast together 07:32
quantumburnz ya, maybe if one of you could sort of talk us through the process you go through when you first look at a bug 07:32
poelcat comphappy: hey welcome... didn't see you join :) 07:33
quantumburnz for instance, is the first thing you do open a new search window to try to see if it's a duplicate of another bug? 07:33
comphappy poelcat: yeah and I am leaving in a few 07:33
poelcat quantumburnz: for now don't worry about finding duplicates 07:34
poelcat naturally if you see some take appropriate action 07:34
quantumburnz sure 07:34
inode1 judging from jds2001 walking through some ambassadors last week I know we were fairly disoriented but starting to catch on by the end 07:34
* jds2001 uses<package> for that. 07:34
poelcat is there a program where I can record a screencast that also captures audio? 07:35
poelcat IOW microphone input 07:35
jds2001 poelcat: yeah, herlo did it just last night 07:35
jds2001 we went through how to set up twinkle 07:36
jds2001 but I think he added audio later 07:36
poelcat hmm 07:37
inode1 I did one bug last week during the meeting, I'll try to do more this week and maybe I'll have some more concrete thoughts after spending more time on it 07:37
poelcat we should probably cover last two topics before we run out of time 07:38
poelcat inode1: that would be great :) 07:38
poelcat 3) defining WHY bug triage matters, I took an initial shot at it here: 07:38
poelcat where there any other thoughts or obvious things I missed? 07:38
poelcat s/where/were 07:39
quantumburnz I thought your reasons were good. I have one to add maybe. From my stand point, I'm trying to learn more about FC, all the packages, etc and I'd eventually like to patch/fix bugs myself so I think this is a good steping stone. 07:40
jds2001 the basic thing you caught pretty well - give maintainers more time to actually maintain packages rather than do triage 07:40
poelcat quantumburnz: good point... that is one of the reasons I like it too 07:40
poelcat i learn something new every day :) 07:40
quantumburnz certainly. since i started using fedora again the other week, i've had a steep learning curve :D 07:41
poelcat even if I somtimes look like I don't know what I'm doing (which is often true :) 07:41
quantumburnz haha, no one knows everything 07:41
poelcat if anyone has any other thoughts let me know ... by next meeting I'll update the BugZapper wiki 07:44
poelcat 4) BugZappers/HouseKeeping/FourWeeksBeforeRelease 07:44
poelcat almost time to start on some of our routine bugzilla maintenance 07:44
poelcat i've moved the template to this page BugZappers/HouseKeeping/Fedora10 07:45
poelcat and we'll need to start filling out some of the details, preparing queries, etc. 07:45
poelcat i'd love some help with it 07:45
poelcat it also helps to make sure we get everything right 07:45
quantumburnz I'll try to help you poelcat 07:45
poelcat quantumburnz: thanks! 07:46
quantumburnz absolutely 07:46
poelcat the background behind what we're doing and why is here: BugZappers/HouseKeeping 07:47
poelcat quantumburnz: if you want to read up on background and then let me know when you're ready to start? 07:48
poelcat it should be (hopefully) pretty straight forward 07:49
quantumburnz Sure but it may be tomorrow sometime before I can get back to you. 07:50
poelcat quantumburnz: sometime before next tuesday is fine :) 07:51
quantumburnz you got it 07:52
poelcat any other topics people want to discuss? 07:53
quantumburnz not in particular, but what would you like me to do to help you with this house keeping? Do you want me to start one of the templates? 07:56
poelcat quantumburnz: feel free to start updating BugZappers/HouseKeeping/Fedora10 07:57
poelcat it is a copy/paste from the template page 07:58
poelcat i've got a page watch on it 07:58
poelcat we've just found in the past it works a whole lot better when 07:58
poelcat multiple people are involved 07:58
poelcat to double check queries, text comments, etc. 07:58
poelcat it is really important because we will be mass changing several thousand bugs 07:59
quantumburnz sure, i'll do what I can 08:00
jds2001 and eng-ops will DTRT this time around I assume? :) 08:00
poelcat DTRT? 08:01
jds2001 do the right thing 08:02
quantumburnz is such a cool site. if their urls never expire though, the links are eventually going to get really big! (slightly off topic, i know) 08:02
jds2001 no problem, they have lots of URL's they can do with a combination of 6 letters/numbers 08:03
poelcat jds2001: yes, I have confidence things will go smoothly 08:04
poelcat looks like we're over time 08:04
poelcat thanks everyone! 08:04

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