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Bug Triage Meeting :: 2009-04-28


  • adamw
  • arxs
  • iarlyy
  • mcepl
  • poelcat

Topics of Discussion

  • Housekeeping - BugZappers/HouseKeeping/Fedora11 - poelcat will get the requests and templates ready for the "Mass Change Specification" with assistance from arxs , generating the queries, adding links and spot check the query.
  • Triage Metrics - Problems with python continue to delay the completion of this task. Adamw and comphappy are to work toward a solution. The problem is, a small amount of the code needs to be ported to python 2.4. Anyone that might be able to assist with this please contact comphappy. Your help would be much appreciated.
  • Bugzilla Bug Help - From the Bugzilla Team

In order to prioritize our workload we are asking that people look through the current open 3.2 bugs in Bugzilla and vote for the ones they feel are the most in need of attention. There are quite a few RFE's left over from the 2.18 to 3.2 migration as well as new ones that have come in since.

Each Bugzilla user has 100 votes that they can use and you can spread them around as you prefer. If you think one bug is more important than another then use more votes towards it.

To vote, click the (Vote) link next to the bug severity drop down for the bug. You will see current vote information for that bug as well as update your own number.

For a list of non-RFE bugs that the Bugzilla team has accepted:

For a list of RFE bugs that the Bugzilla team has accepted:

For those who would like to participate we ask that you vote within the next two weeks if possible so we can go ahead and plan our workload appropriately.

Thanks Bugzilla Team

All Bugzilla users are encouraged to assist in this effort, so give them hand and help out if you can.

IRC Transcript

poelcat who is in the house? 08:00
mcepl me 08:00
dearka me 08:00
poelcat mcepl: dearka hi! 08:01
dearka poelcat, hello, sup? 08:01
poelcat dearka: are you here for the triage meeting? 08:01
dearka no no poelcat 08:02
* poelcat waits for adamw 08:03
adamw hey 08:05
poelcat hi 08:05
poelcat are we expecting anyone else? 08:06
adamw i dunno 08:06
poelcat let's start then 08:07
poelcat first topic BugZappers/HouseKeeping/Fedora11 08:07
* arxs right, meeting is here not at fedora-bugzappers 08:07
poelcat arxs: correct.. i was just reminding people there 08:07
poelcat sorry if that was confusing 08:08
poelcat we are about a month away from release day so it is time to start getting the requests ready 08:08
arxs it's confusing me every week again :) 08:08
poelcat for mass-changes to bugzilla 08:08
poelcat i can fill out the unfinished parts of the template unless someone else would like to 08:08
adamw i think that's fine, unless it'd take too much of your time 08:10
poelcat i can do it :) 08:10
arxs there a lots of TODO's maybe we can pool together 08:10
poelcat i've done it so many times it shouldn't take that long 08:10
poelcat though it would help if someone could generate the queries 08:11
poelcat and add links to them 08:11
poelcat arxs: would you be interested in helping w/ that? 08:11
arxs ok, it my first try for this, but i can do this 08:11
poelcat look at BugZappers/HouseKeeping/Fedora10 08:12
poelcat run the queries there by clicking on the links 08:12
poelcat and then change the query to reflect the correct release 08:12
poelcat also good idea to run the query and spot check some bugs to see if they make sense given the query 08:12
poelcat ready for next topic? 08:13
arxs thanks for the hints, just working on it 08:13
arxs yeah 08:13
poelcat next topic is triage metrics project 08:14
poelcat does anyone know status from comphappy since last week? 08:14
adamw yes 08:14
adamw i talked to him on saturday :) 08:14
adamw (in person) 08:14
poelcat oh that's right! 08:14
* poelcat sad i couldn't be there 08:14
arxs yes, i read it at planet fedora 08:14
adamw so the deal is this: the code is basically 'done' to the point where we could have it out there for initial use and testing 08:15
adamw it's in git, and the space on infrastructure is reserved and the code's even there 08:15
adamw the only remaining roadblock now is that one bit of code depends on a python 2.5 feature 08:15
adamw and infrastructure's systems run RHEL, so they only have python 2.4 08:16
mcepl any volunteers for backporting? 08:16
mcepl :) 08:16
adamw converting the code to work in python 2.4 isn't trivial, but ought to be possible 08:16
adamw brennan will get to it, but he's rather busy at the moment 08:16
adamw so help is welcome there 08:16
mcepl (who isn't :() 08:16
adamw if anyone wants to volunteer, they can ask brennan and he'll point out the code chunk that uses 2.5, it's only a dozen lines of code or so but it's quite important 08:17
adamw otherwise we have to wait on brennan finding time to fix it. the alternative is to package up 2.5 for rhel, but that's pretty icky, i don't want to go down that route. 08:17
poelcat is it the type of thing one of the fedora python gurus could help with in terms of helping with the code that needs to be reworked? 08:17
adamw yeah, i think it is 08:17
adamw it's on my todo to ask on the fedora python list for any volunteers 08:17
adamw but i rather got ambushed by the whole mixer thing 08:17
adamw so i didn't get to that yet, but i will soon. 08:18
poelcat excellent 08:18
poelcat adamw: thanks for tracking that down 08:18
poelcat speaking of ambushes... next topic 08:18
poelcat "priority and severity" 08:19
poelcat :) 08:19
adamw :) 08:19
adamw well, i was sort of waiting for more list feedback about the two alternative proposals 08:19
* poelcat doesn't have a strong opinion either way 08:19
adamw but none seems to be forthcoming 08:19
adamw so i'll do a final draft which covers both proposals briefly, and send that to -devel-list, i guess 08:19
poelcat my only suggestion is wording noting that this is a trial we want to try out 08:20
adamw OK, noted 08:20
adamw anyone else got anything they want to add on that topic at this point? 08:20
poelcat and it might not work, but as with most failures you usually learn something :) 08:20
arxs souds good, maybe the developers choose here favorit opinion 08:21
adamw arxs: yeah, that's what i'm thinking 08:21
poelcat on to the next topic? 08:21
adamw fine by me 08:22
arxs me too 08:22
poelcat last agenda topic was a request from bugzilla team 08:22
iarlyy Hi all 08:22
poelcat about voting on proposed RFEs and bugs against bugzilla 08:23
poelcat we have some URLs but have been having issues making them accessible by everyone 08:23
adamw hi iarlyy 08:24
poelcat the idea is that they would like feedback on what the users of bugzilla think the most important next changes should be 08:24
adamw that sounds great, it's nice of them to reach out to us 08:24
poelcat naturally it will be one of many inputs that help drive their next round of work 08:24
poelcat i will send those links to the mailing list if they are able to fix the problem 08:25
poelcat anything else people would like to cover today? 08:25
adamw sorry i haven't announced bug day 08:26
adamw been snowed under with conference stuff + mixer stuff 08:26
adamw it can still happen, but i doubt there'll be people...i'll be around, though. i'll try to catch the newbies for next week 08:28
iarlyy_ my mibbit are crashing... :\ 08:28
adamw iarlyy: wb - anything you wanted to talk about this week? we're at 'any other business' 08:29
mcepl adamw: is there a list of those changes somewhere? 08:29
adamw changes? 08:29
mcepl proposed RFEs and bugs against bugzilla? 08:29
adamw don't ask me, ask poelcat :) 08:29
iarlyy_ how are status of wiki changes? 08:29
mcepl oh sorry 08:29
adamw iarlyy: what wiki changes? 08:30
poelcat i think the only change currently being worked on relates to priority and severity? 08:30
iarlyy_ yep 08:30
adamw was discussed earlier - that's at the point where i'll send the mail to -devel-list this week. 08:31
adamw poelcat: how about mcepl's question? 08:31
adamw oh, and there's one I wanted to ask - where are we with SOPs, particularly self-introduction emails? 08:31
iarlyy_ bugzilla legend page is same case? 08:32
poelcat mcepl: dkl and bz team are planning next round of fixes and updated to bz 08:32
iarlyy_ depending devel 08:32
poelcat they are requesting votes on the open bugs 08:32
poelcat adamw: i can't find the url to the self-intro SOP 08:33
poelcat i asked tk009 on irc yesterday, but didn't get an answer 08:33
adamw iarlyy_: yeah, the wiki changes should all happen at once, once we have a plan sorted out based on input from the devel team 08:33
poelcat unless there is anything else, EOM ? 08:34
mcepl poelcat: what do we plan to do? Some tracking bug ... "bugs we care about?" Should I add my top pet-peeves there? 08:34
* poelcat has lots of other things to do and assumes others do too :) 08:34
poelcat mcepl: bugzappers aren't planning anything... 08:34
adamw poelcat: i can't find the wiki page either 08:34
poelcat bz team is requesting feedback using voting feature in bugzilla 08:35
poelcat where each user gets 100 votes 08:35
adamw poelcat: a draft was sent to the list under the name "BugZappers: Introduction Email SOP draft" on march 16 08:35
mcepl yes, of course (it is post-Beta craziness after all), but it would be pitty to miss the opportunity 08:35
poelcat mcepl: did I answer your question? :) 08:35
adamw poelcat: oh. i noticed that lately. it is a bit dumb because the number of votes a user can give to a single bug isn't controlled. every user should get to register one vote for any bug that affects them 08:35
adamw right now we have people putting 100 votes into one bug, which i think is a bit silly 08:36
mcepl oh, only that? hmm, I cannot care less about this (and about the results, I am afraid) 08:36
poelcat not really... its range voting 08:36
adamw the idea is that people can split their votes up among bugs that affect them, but i don't think it works 08:36
poelcat so if that bug is most important to you, vote there 08:36
adamw there isn't the volume for it to make sense 08:36
adamw one vote per bug would be better, imho. 08:36
adamw i often see a bug with 300 votes and think "omg this must be terrible!" then look at the vote list and see three people 08:37
adamw i don't think that's really helping anyone... 08:37
arxs good to now that the voting system works like this 08:38
adamw i don't think there's enough cases where reporters are carefully thinking "ok I'll put 12 votes into issue A, 34 votes into issue B" and that's happening on a scale where the results become meaningful 08:38
* poelcat doesn't think we can solve this problem here 08:38
adamw ok 08:38
adamw fair enough :) 08:38
poelcat looks like we are done early 08:40
poelcat thanks everyon for coming 08:40
poelcat <EOM> 08:40

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