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Bug Triage Meeting :: 2009-06-16



  • adamw
  • rjune_wrk
  • tk009
  • nirik
  • arxs
  • sgireesh
  • comphappy_
  • thomasj
  • comphappy
  • jlaska

Meeting Recap

  • Topic: update on components and triagers page refresh (and FAS groups)

The components page is still in early development, with some design decisions yet to be finalized. comphappy will continue to update on progress. The metrics are not currently updating, this is a result of ongoing work comphappy is doing, and he aware of the issue.

  • Topic: tk009 to report if he figured out how the 'important component list' was generated

Spoke with jds2001 and f13 after the meeting. f13 advised using Critical_Path_Packages_Proposal from FAD as a guide to updating the "triagers components list" rather than the method that was used previously. Will investigate and advise next week.

  • Topic: update on kernel triage status

No new information at this time. adamw is awaiting responses, and will escalate if not received soon. There was discussion on this topic in the F11 retrospective meeting. We are reminded to ensure we coordinate our efforts with all interested parties.

  • Topic: request from EPEL project for help with their bug day

There was general discussion and a reminder about the upcoming EPEL Team Bug Day. The event will take place in #epel on freenode. Michael Stahnke of the EPEL Project will provide further details on fedora-test-list when available.

All BugZappers are encouraged to help and support the EPEL team by participating in this event.

IRC Transcript

rjune_wrk #startmeeting 15:02
adamw well, this is new. :) 15:02
tk009 its great 15:02
tk009 no need to log 15:02
tk009 rjune_wrk in the eeting chair 15:03
rjune_wrk I'm doing it today guys, please bear with me 15:03
rjune_wrk #topic update on components and triagers page refresh (and FAS groups) 15:03
adamw that should be arxs 15:03
rjune_wrk arxs: update? 15:04
arxs rjune_wrk: it's done since last week 15:04
arxs the version that are now in the wiki is the final one 15:04
rjune_wrk ok then. 15:04
adamw on FAS groups 15:04
adamw comphappy is working on having a components page as part of the triage metrics system, using the FAS group 15:05
adamw it's not ready yet but it's In Progress 15:05
adamw quote: "adamw: the components page is not up yet I was sorting some stuff out with kylev, there is some db trickery that I will have to think about. Also been thinking about the best way to deal with the requests to break down the triage metrics by release. I will get back to you in more detail on that wed" 15:05
* sgireesh joined a bit late.. 15:06
rjune_wrk comphappy_: just talking about you 15:06
adamw hey sgireesh / comphappy_, we're walking the agenda, rjune_wrk is leading today 15:06
rjune_wrk adamw: anything else? 15:06
adamw unless comphappy_ wants to add anything (i explained what we talked about last night, brennan) - no 15:07
adamw (this is on the components page in triageweb) 15:07
comphappy_ What do you need? I am on the run 15:07
adamw nothing needed unless you specifically wanted to mention anything :) 15:07
comphappy_ Nope 15:08
rjune_wrk #meetingtopic fedora bugzappers 15:08
rjune_wrk #topic tk009 to report if he figured out how the 'important component list' was generated 15:08
tk009 ok 15:08
rjune_wrk Moving along, tk009? 15:08
tk009 I have tried to squeeze jds2001 15:08
comphappy Unless you got any imfo on kernel 15:08
adamw that's later 15:09
rjune_wrk comphappy: that's coming up 15:09
tk009 but he has not replied to e either in IRC or email 15:09
tk009 I will be up his butt today 15:09
rjune_wrk tk009: any other contact method? 15:09
adamw STEAMROLLER 15:09
rjune_wrk going up his butt might require a level of familiarity you don't have. 15:09
tk009 my foot neds no intro 15:10
rjune_wrk heh 15:10
rjune_wrk ok, let's put that off till next week then, yes? 15:10
tk009 the list 15:10
tk009 it will be completed before next week 15:10
rjune_wrk ok 15:12
rjune_wrk #topic update on kernel triage status 15:12
rjune_wrk adamw sent out an email to the guys involved, I've not seen anything back, to knowledge neither has adamw or tk009, yes? 15:12
adamw yeah, we are waiting on cebbert 15:12
adamw if he doesn't reply relatively soon jlaska will escalate 15:12
tk009 nothing here but I am behind 15:13
tk009 I have 280 emails to read 15:13
adamw just one thing to add - at the retrospective meeting that's going on right now, jon stanley mentioned he's interested in improved kernel qa 15:13
adamw so he may be willing to help us out here 15:13
jlaska adamw: I think it was j-rod who mentioned that 15:13
rjune_wrk enlighten me, who's he? 15:13
adamw oh yes 15:13
adamw jarod wilson, rather 15:13
adamw he has no people page 15:14
adamw bad j-rod 15:15
rjune_wrk Anything else? 15:15
adamw his site is 15:15
rjune_wrk oops, sorry 15:15
adamw he does kernel stuff 15:15
adamw irc nick is j-rod 15:16
adamw i'll try and bring him in on this thing 15:16
adamw alright, i think that's it for that topic :) 15:16
rjune_wrk ok then 15:16
rjune_wrk #topic request from EPEL project for help with their bug day 15:16
adamw so, this is a pretty simple one - we were contacted by michael stahnke, who's involved with EPEL, for help with a test day they have coming up 15:17
adamw he also mailed the list (topic "EPEL Bug Day"), and gave a wiki link - EPEL_Bug_Day_July_2009 15:17
adamw date is july 11th 15:18
tk009 how does this work? 15:18
rjune_wrk what does he want help with? 15:18
adamw for anyone who's unaware, EPEL is a project to provide unofficial extra packages (mainly based on fedora packages) for RHEL 15:18
tk009 can we change redhat bugs? 15:18
nirik no, just epel bugs. ;) 15:18
adamw they're not red hat bugs (epel is a separate project), and yeah, we can. 15:19
tk009 =) 15:19
adamw yes, those are good questions and the ones I asked him too :) 15:19
nirik look at your bugzilla front page, and you will see there are 140 "Fedora EPEL" bugs... those are the ones we want to run though. 15:19
adamw he's promised to provide us more information closer to the time. 15:19
* nirik is also happy to provide more info on it. 15:19
adamw i think in principle we're happy to help, in practice we need info on what needs doing and then anyone who's around on the day can certainly show up at that event to help out. 15:20
adamw anyone disagree/really enthusiastic/have suggestions? 15:20
rjune_wrk How many bugs that get fixed in fedora are still broken in epel? don't they basically rebuild extras? 15:20
sgireesh is there a difference in the process flow in EPEL? 15:21
arxs for triage of EPEL bugs, is a installed RHEL needed? 15:21
thomasj Will that event happen in #fedora-bugzappers? 15:21
adamw "Where: Primary activity will take place on bugzilla and in IRC channel #epel on freenode. " 15:22
nirik rjune_wrk: usually maintainers are the same, so any fixes go into epel too. 15:22
nirik rhel shouldn't be needed. You could get by with a centos box, or in some cases neither. 15:22
arxs nirik: thanks for pointing that out 15:22
nirik mostly the idea would be to triage these bugs and see what they are, ping for progress, see if any are easyfix, that kind of thing. 15:23
nirik since there are only (ha) 140 of them, we might be able to get though looking at them all at least. 15:23
* thomasj should just read the link, thanks anyways adamw 15:24
adamw what about sgireesh's process question? 15:24
adamw does epel follow the rhel bug flow? fedora bug flow? something different? :) 15:24
nirik ah, yes. Good question. I don't think so... epel should follow the fedora bug flow. 15:24
sgireesh ok 15:25
adamw fedora bug flow is of course BugZappers/BugStatusWorkFlow 15:25
nirik with some minor differences I guess... 15:25
nirik there is no rawhide. 15:25
* nirik nods. Yes, epel should follow that same process. 15:25
rjune_wrk that it for this topic? 15:27
adamw think so 15:28
rjune_wrk Thank you all for coming 15:29
rjune_wrk #endmeeting 15:29

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