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Bug Triage Meeting :: 2009-05-05


  • adamw
  • arxs
  • jeremy
  • mcepl
  • rislam
  • stickster
  • tk009

Topics of Discussion

  • Triage Metrics - - Thanks to some helpful folks on the python ml, the needed changes to the metrics code has been completed. adamw will co-ordinate will comphappy to get some data up for testing.
  • Introduction Email SOP - tk009 will add the intro email SOP to the bugzappers wiki space and create a category and a link to the document on the main SOP page created by poelcat.

IRC Transcript

adamw hmm
adamw well, we are supposed to be having a bugzappers meeting
adamw but tk009 seems to be missing
adamw who's here? show of appendages?
arxs i'm here
mcepl me
arxs hi mcepl
adamw so, do we wait for tk009 or roll along without him?
adamw heck, let's roll
arxs ok
adamw first on the agenda: triage metrics
rislam send the agenda page pls
adamw oh yes
adamw so, yeah. triage metrics. brennan's not around, so i'll go. some nice people from the python ml have pretty much done the work of porting to python 2.4
adamw ooh, he's here!
tk009_ sorry my day job has me tight atm
adamw ah ok
tk009_ I am here tho =)
adamw ok, i was just starting off with triage metrics
adamw "so, yeah. triage metrics. brennan's not around, so i'll go. some nice people from the python ml have pretty much done the work of porting to python 2.4"
adamw now they just want some test data to make sure it works
adamw i'm trying to get together with brennan to co-ordinate that, we keep missing each other, but it should be up soon
tk009_ that is good newws
adamw yep
adamw anyone else have anything to contribute on the metrics?
arxs not from one, but good job from you
adamw alrighty on the list is severity/priority
adamw so i sent what i figure should be the final draft of the mail
adamw did you all see it?
arxs yes
tk009_ I did yes
adamw looks ok?
tk009_ yes I thjink so
arxs yes, it covers all the thins that we a discussed the last weeks
adamw ok, so we should go ahead and send it. now, here's the thing. i am a bit of a controversial persona on -devel-list atm :)
tk009_ yes
tk009_ so am I
tk009_ lol
arxs lol
tk009_ still you are the best person for it
adamw so i was wondering if someone else might want to send it; that avoids it being contaminated by me, and also it's good to show that we are many
adamw thoughts?
tk009_ maybe jds2001 might do it for us
tk009_ no other idea than that
adamw mcepl?
mcepl shut, I got distracted.
adamw just see up a few messages
mcepl sure
mcepl where are they?
mcepl everybody loves me, so I will be least controversial person ;-)
adamw they?
* mcepl laughs devilishly
mcepl "few messages"
adamw oh. "so i was wondering if someone else might want to send it; that avoids it being contaminated by me, and also it's good to show that we are many"
adamw it being the mail on severity/priority
mcepl do we have some final reading of the message?
adamw yeah, the one i sent to -test-list on friday should be final
adamw unless you think it's still missing anything
stickster "You can't please all the people, all the time."
adamw stickster: this is very true, in reference to what exactly? :)
mcepl stickster: but you can piss off plenty of them ;-)
jeremy stickster: maybe *you* can't....
tk009_ mecpl did you say yes to sending the message?
stickster adamw: "I am a bit of a controversial persona" :-)
mcepl yes
mcepl yes, I did
adamw stickster: ah. yeah, well that's true, but i did manage to displease rather more than was strictly necessary, and i don't want this idea poisoned by the fact i turn into a lean, mean flaming machine when you let me loose on a development mailing list =)
adamw awesome, mcepl sending it sounds great
mcepl adamw: could you confirm that is the message?
adamw mcepl: yep
adamw alright, i think that covers that topic
adamw anyone got further thoughts?
tk009_ adamw and tk009 stay off devel for a bit?
tk009_ =P
adamw yeah, we should probably get suspensions =)
adamw ok, final topic on the agenda is a review of the new members SOP
adamw who was taking care of that? i've forgotten
tk009_ I was
tk009_ the draft is at that link
tk009_ I never posted it to the wiki
tk009_ I wasnt sure if changes were wanted or what
adamw it looked fine to me
adamw i think we should go ahead and post it and add something to the Join page
tk009_ I think we can put it on the wiki and if there are issues it can be edited
adamw yeah
tk009_ =)
adamw we could try phrasing it to be a bit friendlier but it's no real problem
tk009_ I can do that then
tk009_ ok
tk009_ I will try that as well
tk009_ liconic is my hallmark =P
adamw =)
adamw do you know where to put it on the wiki?
tk009_ yes
tk009_ under our new main SOP page
tk009_ I will make a link on that page to it
adamw well, actually, remember we're still supposed to be using flat structure...
tk009_ I am not sure I understand that
adamw so i'd say it should just be Bugzappers/sop_new_members or something like that
tk009_ oh ok
adamw no 'directories' in wiki page names (except the initial one, which is special-cased)
adamw then it should be linked from the sop page
tk009_ it makes sense to me now
adamw and put in the sop category, if we have one. (and if we don't we should make one)
mcepl adamw: I have only problem with the priorities/serverities email ... doesn't contain my alternative suggestion, or I cannot find it there.
adamw mcepl: no, you're right, it doesn't - we could add it there for sure
adamw mcepl: do you want to go ahead and do that?
tk009_ if someone can email me the irc log I will post the minutes. I have to get back. Sorry for not bein here on time cya in a bit
arxs i can do this
adamw arxs: er, which? :)
arxs send tk009_ the irc log
adamw ok, great
adamw let's sum up action items so far:
adamw adamw: keep herding brennan on the triage metrics
adamw mcepl: add his proposal to the draft bugzilla legend page, send mail to -devel-list
adamw tk009: put new members sop up on the wiki, link from existing sop page, add to sop category (create sop category and add the other two relevant pages if it doesn't exist yet)
adamw oh, the category should be bugzappers_sop or something of course, not just sop
adamw arxs: send log to tk009 to post the minutes
mcepl adamw: "his proposal"???? you mean my proposal?
adamw mcepl: yep? you are a guy, right? :)
mcepl well, ... hmm
mcepl yeah, probably ;-)
* mcepl falls into existential depression
mcepl just confused that you are talking to me in third person
adamw oh, sorry - i was making a list of action items for various people, it just looks exactly like the convention for addressing someone on irc directly by coincidence :)
adamw notice that i also talked to myself. but then again i do that all the time ;)
adamw well, that covers the agenda...
adamw any other business time I guess?
adamw so, er, any other business?
adamw or should we all go eat cookies?
arxs vote for cookies :)
mcepl COOKIES!!!
adamw allllrighty then, cookies it is
adamw meeting adjourned
mcepl adamw: email sent
adamw mcepl: great
arxs thanks for doing this mcepl !
adamw and of course it is now triage day in -bugzappers
adamw hopefully some new people will come

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