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Bug Triage Meeting :: 2009-05-19



  • adamw
  • arxs
  • poelcat
  • thomasj
  • tk009

Meeting Recap

poelcat will update BugZappers/HouseKeeping/Fedora11 with the completed items.

IRC Transcript

--- Log opened Tue May 19 11:01:49 2009
poelcat anyone else I'm missing? 11:01
* arxs here 11:01
poelcat hi 11:01
* thomasj 11:02
poelcat hi thomasj 11:02
adamw yo 11:04
poelcat morning adamw 11:04
thomasj Hello poelcat 11:04
poelcat let's get started 11:05
poelcat first topic housekeeping 11:05
poelcat i created this page BugZappers/HouseKeeping/Releases 11:05
poelcat which provide an easy way to locate the housekeeping page for a particular release 11:05
tk009 is here 11:06
poelcat if you want to see the scary past see BugZappers/F9CleanUp 11:06
poelcat tk009: hi 11:06
poelcat so on BugZappers/HouseKeeping/Fedora11 I was working on tuning the query 11:06
poelcat for the rawhide rebase 11:07
poelcat i got an answer from the bugzilla team last night 11:07
poelcat but haven't had a chance to tweak the query 11:07
poelcat i have also filed tickets with the bugzilla team for all three jobs 11:07
poelcat i'll update the wiki with that info 11:07
poelcat any questions/input on BugZappers/HouseKeeping/Fedora11 11:08
poelcat ? 11:08
tk009 the rebase, eol warning and EOL? 11:08
tk009 those tickets? 11:08
poelcat correct 11:08
poelcat i file a ticket with the bugzilla team to automatically complete those actions 11:09
poelcat the "bugzilla team" is also known as "engineering operations" internally, FWIW 11:09
poelcat i often use the terms interchangably 11:09
tk009 =) 11:09
poelcat tk009: does that answer your quesion? 11:10
tk009 yes 11:10
poelcat next topic was status on triage metrics- 11:11
poelcat i believe comphappy posted to f-t-l 11:11
tk009 in his post he said they would be up by today 11:11
tk009 but no go on last check 11:11
adamw no news from me on that one either i'm afraid :/ 11:12
tk009 adamw you heard from hi or you pythons gurus? 11:12
poelcat sounds like he has some work/school conflicts too 11:12
adamw i'll keep trying to get to him about it 11:12
adamw the python gurus are waiting on test data from brennan 11:12
* poelcat wonders if there are others who would like to partner w/ comphappy to work on devel of this application 11:12
adamw well we have willing help from the python mailing list 11:12
adamw that's not really the problem 11:12
adamw the bottleneck now is test data 11:12
adamw once we have that, it could be worked on independently of comphappy 11:13
poelcat adamw: so we also need a documenation on how to generate test data for the future 11:13
tk009 seems like a ton of work jsut to get these stats 11:13
* poelcat looking for positive ways to not be fully dependent/blocked by one person 11:14
adamw poelcat: not sure if that would be super important; we can always use the same set of test data for offline tests 11:14
adamw and most things could be done online anyway 11:14
adamw once the system's actually up 11:14
poelcat okay 11:14
poelcat so we basically need comphappy to generate the test data or tell us how? 11:15
adamw no, we just need him to upload the data he already has 11:15
poelcat adamw: ah, good clarification :) 11:15
adamw the snapshot he used in the alpha that went online for a while 11:15
poelcat anything else on this topic? 11:16
tk009 it was one days worth of data 11:16
adamw not from me 11:16
poelcat last scheduled topic.... - Follow up on 11:17
poelcat Adam's email request for choosing which method to use going forward. Set 11:17
poelcat both severity and priority, or just severity. 11:17
adamw so, i sent out the email 11:17
adamw haven't seen any replies 11:17
tk009 I didn't see any feedbak on that on the list 11:18
adamw but i haven't read the list since saturday 11:18
adamw yesterday was a holiday for me 11:18
tk009 I am up to date 11:18
tk009 nothing missed 11:18
tk009 no replies 11:18
adamw fun :\ 11:18
adamw maybe i'll try again with a new thread, people sometimes lose things that are replies 11:18
tk009 with release next week everyone may be busy as well 11:19
adamw true 11:19
tk009 if no replies come in... 11:20
tk009 will you jsut pick one? 11:20
adamw not sure 11:20
adamw i'll talk to matej about it at least 11:20
tk009 john5342 is a maintainer and a zapper wonder what he thinks as well 11:21
poelcat adamw: what about a new thread with a deadline and your chosen preference that will go into affect unless there are suggestions for a better way? 11:22
adamw but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it 11:22
adamw poelcat: maybe... 11:22
tk009 why maybe if I can ask 11:23
tk009 I thought you really wanted this in plae 11:23
adamw well, i don't like to force things unless necessary 11:23
adamw i meant 'maybe' to the idea of including a deadline and a default choice 11:23
arxs did we have a "default choice" ? 11:24
tk009 not really a default 11:24
tk009 the first one preposed 11:24
adamw arxs: well, sort of - the 'set both' option was in the wiki page beland wrote, the 'set one' option was proposed by mcepl later 11:25
arxs it hard to set a default without to agree in opinion 11:25
adamw but i don't think time of proposal is much of a grounds for making the choice :) 11:25
adamw well, we have a bunch of people here eager to debate the metaphysics of it, let's take the debate down a level: which choice do you guys prefer? :) 11:25
adamw brb, call of nature 11:25
tk009 given the feedback, I think we should stay away from them. 11:26
arxs proposal b is my persona favourite 11:26
tk009 b is a safer choice 11:26
arxs i like the idea with the deadline, after 1 or 2 weeks after the release it might be better to 11:27
tk009 without a deadline things like this can die forgotten 11:27
poelcat or we could say starting with development of F12 we will do this for rawhide bugs 11:28
* poelcat votes for proposal #b... start small, grow from there if desired 11:28
tk009 +1 11:28
arxs maybe, we can use some "Sound don't work!" title, thats cause a big amount of attracting interest :) 11:29
tk009 that is not a good idea lol 11:29
adamw so everyone's up for the Cepl Proposal? ok 11:29
arxs +1 to poelcat 11:29
tk009 the sound issue is a touchy one 11:29
adamw j/,]]] 11:30
adamw grr 11:30
tk009 hehe 11:30
adamw i'll send a new mail today 11:30
arxs what we choose for the deadline date? 11:32
adamw end of the week, probabl 11:32
tk009 might as well give it two weeks 11:33
tk009 release week everyone is busy 11:33
* poelcat says one week 11:33
tk009 =) 11:33
poelcat we've been discussing this forever 11:33
adamw right 11:33
adamw two weeks is long enough to trigger the "meh, i'll think about it next week" filter 11:33
poelcat and it would be a nice clean start to begin w/ F12 11:33
adamw (and then no-one ever does) 11:33
tk009 so a email today with one week deadline 11:34
arxs sounds good 11:34
poelcat and the impact of this "change" is not very high if you ask me 11:34
poelcat we are adding some meta-data 11:34
tk009 I think the idea is a good one 11:34
tk009 the feedback made me think tho 11:35
adamw which feedback? 11:35
adamw the non-existent feedback? =) 11:35
tk009 people saying dont touch my (reporter) setting 11:35
tk009 if I set it to high you leave it 11:35
tk009 feedback like that i saw 11:35
adamw my considered response to that is 'meh'. 11:35
adamw bugzilla is a feudal system, reporters are the peasants. =) 11:36
tk009 dont touch that one 11:37
tk009 I wont rather hehe 11:37
tk009 ok I guess we are agreed then 11:37
adamw yup, i'm happy 11:38
tk009 anyone have something no on the agenda? 11:38
adamw can't think of anything... 11:39
adamw any of our newer members around? everything going ok for you if so? 11:39
tk009 it is hard to tell who the new people are 11:39
* thomasj around 11:39
tk009 are you keeping some kind of list 11:40
adamw thomasj: how's everything for you? 11:40
arxs i have a question about a bug about target/blocker, but this is maybe for triage day after the meeting 11:40
adamw tk009: not for now, maybe in future; it's rather tied to the triage metric system in my head 11:40
adamw arxs: may as well do it now, we've got time :) 11:40
thomasj I have something over there in #fedora-bugzappers 11:40
tk009 thomasj has jumped in with both feet =) 11:40
thomasj hehe, yes 11:41
tk009 its good to see that 11:41
arxs ok, bug 496820, install of f11 always fail on power6 systems due a problem with NetworkManager 11:41
buggbot Bug high, high, ---, dcbw, ASSIGNED, Fedora11 Beta: Host ethernet are not detected during the network install on P6 11:41
thomasj adamw, i try to find my way, but need still some help :) 11:42
adamw thomasj: ok, we can chat in bugzappers after the meeting... 11:43
thomasj adamw, thanks 11:43
adamw arxs: hmm, that's an edgy one. technically ppc is still a primary arch so that might well ought to be a blocker. i'll check with jlaska and f13 what they think 11:43
arxs adamw: thanks 11:44
arxs James know about the bug too, sine he leave a comment in it 11:44
adamw yeah 11:45
adamw i suspect we'll end up saying it's not a blocker because it's only in ppc, which kinda reinforces the debate about whether ppc should be a primary arch any more. 11:45
tk009 that all we have for the meeting? 11:48
arxs i think so 11:49
poelcat thanks everyone! 11:49
poelcat <EOM> 11:49
--- Log closed Tue May 19 11:49:39 2009

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