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Bug Triage Meeting :: 2009-11-24


  • adamw
  • tk009
  • mcepl
  • iarlyy
  • hdia
  • wwoods
  • Tech33
  • johe
  • poelcat
  • daelious
  • skvidal
  • buggbot
  • SMParrish_mobile

Meeting summary

  • roll call
  • Housekeeping

Ongoing - A reminder of ongoing housekeeping tasks. BugZappers/HouseKeeping/OnGoing

Updating the Components and Triagers List - Discussion on updating the critical components list and confirming active triagers. BugZappers/HouseKeeping/FirstDayDevel

* ACTION: tk009 to investigate methods for updating the components list.
  • Mentors

Discussion started on mentoring, no real progress but a start.

  • New Members of the Bugzappers

8 new members for November, please keeps an eye out and help them get started.

  • Request Removals

Procedural information

  • Marking bugs as triaged

mcepl's proposal to add the 'triaged' keyword to all assigned bugs against currently release versions.

* ACTION: mcepl contacts dkl to add Triaged keyword to all open ASSIGNED bugs excluding FutureFeatures and anaconda component (anything else?)

  • open floor: abrt dupe flood
* ACTION: wwoods to talk to abrt team about working together on the 'oops server' idea
* ACTION: mcepl to talk to abrt guys about improving both automatic dupe detection and assistance for manual dupe detection for abrt-reported bugs.
* ACTION: adamw to report to existing -devel thread that bugzappers considers the dupe flood a problem, and talk to abrt guys about retroactive dupe detection in bugzilla.