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Bug Triage Meeting 2010-02-09




  • adamw
  • tk009
  • mcepl
  • rjune
  • Tech33
  • akiase
  • jfalco
  • iarlyy
  • zodbot
  • pjones
  • Southern_Gentlem
  • cebbert
  • waltJ
  • comphappy

Meeting Summary

  • [adamw] Orphaned package response update adamw will add this text to current stock responses on the wiki.

  • [Tech33] Action item update: Jetpack and stock responses.

issue: adding all current stock responses as buttons is not ideal. Tech33 is investigating possible solutions and will update next week.

  • [adamw] blocker bug review on friday

This is a reminder that the second blocker bug review will be held at 1500 UTC, on 12 Feb 2010 (this Firday). If you have any bugs you'd like to be reviewed as possible blockers please attend or provide the information to someone that is attending.

Alpha tracker: Beta tracker: Final tracker:

  • [tk009] Meeting time change update

Meeting matrix: Bugzappers_meeting_matrix tk009 to send out an email with further details.

  • [tcpip4000] Action item update: Report on inactive members.

Thanks to tcpip4000 for doing this work. Inactive members have been identified and will be removed from components list should their names appear there.

Components/Triagers: BugZappers/Components_and_Triagers

  • [tk009] Action item update: Housekeeping procedures for closing old blocker bugs.

tk009 working on the tracker bug closing policy, will just need a wiki add

IRC Transcript