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The Fedora picture book is a project of the Marketing team. The goal of this photo project is to communicate what Fedora means to us and our communities. Images should show a Fedora contributor doing something Fedora- or free software-related and should include a short description of 250-500 words (their "story") of how the subject uses Fedora and free software and how this photo demonstrates one of the four foundations (freedom, friends, features, first).

Photographers are open to interpret this theme as concretely or abstractly as they like. For example, you could choose to photograph something as straightforward as a teacher you encouraged to use Fedora in the classroom holding an apple with a Fedora sticker on it, or you could have someone photograph you holding a personal item that symbolizes what inspired you to join the project. Feel free to brainstorm for whimsical ideas as well, such as a developer covered in peanuts (because you have to be "nuts" to work for free, right?). Group photos are also acceptable, such as a group of ambassadors holding stacks of live media to be distributed or XO's in the wild.

The books will consist of about 80–100 pages, be full-color, paperback, and 8.5 x 8.5 inches. Lightning Source will serve as the print-on-demand publisher.

Image submission is now open!

Page layout

Some of the beginning pages can be numbered as lowercase Roman numerals. I'm counting them as normal pages so we can get a full page count. And, of course, these aren't fixed.

Odd pages are on the right side; even on the left. Foundation intros should be on the right side (odd page numbers).

  • 1: Title page
  • 2: Copyright/license page
  • 3–4: Foreword by FPL (we've roped PWF into doing it)
  • 5: Introducing “Freedom”
  • 6–22: Freedom photos (16 pages)
  • 23: Introducing “Friends”
  • 24–42: Friends photos (18 pages)
  • 43: Introducing “Features”
  • 44–58: Features photos (14 pages)
  • 59: Introducing “First”
  • 60–73: First photos (13 pages)
  • 74: Plug to Join Fedora
  • 75–77: Index of contributors (listing sorted by surname of what pages they show up on)
  • 78: Photo credits
  • 79: Colophon
  • 80: Blank (as required by LSI)

Team members

Name Role
Ian Weller People wrangler, artsy guy
Doug Berry Book worm, scribbler
Nicu Buculei Artsy guy, photographer
Máirín Duffy Artsy gal, photographer, holder of the release forms
Dimitris Glezos 'Me too' guy, photographer
Clint Savage Technical guy, photographer
Lisa Brewster Marketeer, photographer
Max Spevack Has budget
Jack Aboutboul People wrangler and General Coordinator



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