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To provide the utmost secure operating environment to Fedora and EPEL users by:

  • working with packagers to patch and update packages,
  • identifying and helping to improve secure development practices,
  • answering software security questions from the community.


If you need help or assistance with any issue, please feel free to contact the FST members at

  • Mailing lists:

Security Response

To report a vulnerability in software please follow the procedure outlined on the Security Bugs page.

To report a security concern within the Fedora Project please email security at fedoraproject dot org.

What we do

Fedora Security Team (FST) has several missions that try to overlap to make Fedora a more secure operating environment. The following tasks are related to the Fedora security team.

Vulnerability Patching Assistance

The main goal of this task is to make sure that known vulnerabilities are patched and shipped in a timely manner. By assisting package maintainers with patches it is hoped that vulnerability fixes can make to user systems before they become victim of an attack.

Security Response

Security Response is responding to new vulnerabilities in a timely manner. Fedora currently relies on the services of Red Hat Product Security to process, work with upstream, and work with packagers to address security vulnerabilities.

Secure Coding

Keeping vulnerabilities from being written in the first place should be the goal of any good security team and this team is no different. We strive to create documentation that explains how to avoid common pitfalls in software development and attempt to answer any questions that come our way.

Code Auditing

Another service we'd like to offer in the future, code auditing will hopefully find vulnerabilities in code before a cracker can take advantage.

How to get involved

Joining the team

Joining the Fedora Security Team is an easy, three-step process:

  1. subscribe to the security mailing list,
  2. join us on the #fedora-security[?] IRC channel,
  3. take a look at the Security Team Tasks, and
  4. read the work flow.

Once you feel comfortable just jump in and start helping. If you have questions please ask on IRC or on the mailing list.

Also, please take a look at the proposed Security Team Apprenticeship program as this may help answer additional questions.


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