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Improve Default Font Handling with default-fonts metapackages


This aims to make default fonts easier to update and install for all the variants on Fedora and reduce the maintenance costs for them.


Current status

Detailed Description

Currently there are multiple sources to manage what font packages should be installed for a Fedora release and spins, such as comps, langpacks, lorax, workstation-ostree-config, and fedora-kickstarts, which makes it complicated to make default default fonts changes. New default-fonts metapackages will be added to langpacks, some of which will replace the default font listed in @fonts, etc. Then going forward those lists of metapackages should only need to be changed quite rarely.

  • default-fonts metapackage to pull in:
    • default-fonts-core metapackage to pull in:
      • default-fonts-core-sans, default-fonts-core-serif, default-fonts-core-mono, default-fonts-core-emoji, default-fonts-core-math
        • Metapackages to pull in the default fonts for Western characters, Emoji, and Math/Symbols
    • default-fonts-cjk metapackage to pull in:
      • default-fonts-cjk-sans
        • Metapackage to pull in default-fonts-<language code> for CJK languages
      • default-fonts-cjk-serif, default-fonts-cjk-mono
        • Metapackages to pull in the default fonts for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
    • default-fonts-other metapackage to pull in:
      • default-fonts-other-sans
        • Metapackage to pull in default-fonts-<language code> for other (non-CJK) languages
      • default-fonts-other-serif, default-fonts-other-mono
        • Metapackages to pull in the default fonts for other (non-CJK) languages
  • default-fonts-<language code>
    • Metapackages to pull in a default font for a specific language
    • This metapackage provides font(:lang=<language code>)
  • langpacks-fonts-<language code>
    • Metapackages to pull in default font and extra fonts for a certain languages if any


Benefit to Fedora

This Change provides the easier way to manage and install our default fonts on Fedora. In current package sets, langpacks offers non-fonts packages to be installed even though one don't want to install them. After this Change, one doesn't need to install those extra dependencies for the purpose of the font installation.


  • Proposal owners:
    • update the fedora-comps @fonts group and workstation-ostree-config to use the new default-fonts packages (PR)
    • fontconfig package default font dependency to be updated
    • optionally update lorax to use the new default fonts (if they no longer need to remove many fonts files since most are now variable fonts anyway), otherwise it can be done for Fedora 40.
  • Other developers:
  • Policies and guidelines: N/A (not needed for this Change)
  • Trademark approval: N/A (not needed for this Change)
  • Alignment with Community Initiatives:

Upgrade/compatibility impact

Currently installed langpacks packages will pull in the appropriate default-fonts packages when upgrading.

Using default-fonts meta-packages means that users will get upgraded to new default fonts seamlessly going forward.

This should provide a more reliable font experience since default fonts should have higher fontconfig priority.

How To Test

You can test this Change on upgrade as well as freshly installed Fedora 39 system

  • If you have installed Fresh F39 system then you will find default-fonts-* packages already installed on your system.
    • $ rpm -qa|grep default-fonts

You will find almost 64 packages installed on English language installation. These are new packages compared to Fedora 38 package set.

  • If you have an existing F38 system then you can test this by upgrading your system to Fedora 39: then you will find one or more default-fonts-* packages getting installed on your system. To demonstrate this with a simple example
    • $ sudo dnf update langpacks-en --releasever=39

you would find default-fonts-core-sans package getting installed on your system.

User Experience

Users will automatically be moved to any new/changed default system fonts when they upgrade to a newer version of Fedora.

It will be easier for users to remove CJK or non-core fonts from their system if they really want to, or to add them in minimal installations.


No. Updated langpacks still have compatibility on existing dependencies. This Change can be done in langpacks only.

Contingency Plan

  • Contingency mechanism: (What to do? Who will do it?)
    • Change owners will revert the relevant changes.
  • Contingency deadline: Beta freeze
  • Blocks release? No



Release Notes