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Build Fedora IoT Artifacts with osbuild


Build the key Fedora IoT artifacts such as the raw images and the traditional anaconda installer with osbuild.


Current status

Detailed Description

The intention for Fedora IoT was to always use osbuild for building release artifacts but it wasn't initially ready to do that. With the work being done as part of "RHEL for Edge" the Fedora IoT deliverables now sadly trail behind the features and functionality of the downstream. This will move all existing deliverable artifacts over to being created with osbuild which will allow us to bring Fedora IoT back to being the true upstream for RHEL for Edge and allow us to use the leading edge that is Fedora to continue to innovate in the Edge and IoT space.

Benefit to Fedora

The benefit to Fedora is to allow the IoT Edition to go back to being the true upstream for RHEL for Edge and for Fedora to be where all the cool new innovation on the edge is being done.


  • Proposal owners:
    • Test building IoT artifacts with osbuild to ensure they're consistent with the existing ones
    • Update to Fedora IoT profiles in osbuild
    • Update to pungi configs to move over the artefact creation
  • Other developers:
    • No impact
  • Policies and guidelines: N/A (not a System Wide Change)
  • Trademark approval: N/A (not needed for this Change)

Upgrade/compatibility impact

There is no upgrade impact. Existing IoT users will upgrade as before as only new release artifacts will use the new mechanism. The deployment of the artifacts should not initially change with them being created with osbuild. There may well be new enhancements in the future but those are out of scope of this change.

How To Test

  • All Fedora IoT artifacts should be consumable and testable as before.

User Experience

There should be no IoT users, there is no impact to non IoT Edition users.


N/A (not a System Wide Change)

Contingency Plan

  • Contingency mechanism: Roll back to the current means of generating images.
  • Contingency deadline: Beta
  • Blocks release? No.
  • Blocks product? No.


N/A (not a System Wide Change)

Release Notes