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Fedora Marketing
BR Our goal is to promote Fedora and to help promote other Linux and open source projects. ["Marketing"]
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How To Help
Stay in the Loop

How can you help?

How can you help?

There are many ways you can help out -- from big to small. Every contribution helps and every helper on the ground counts.

Idea.png The HelpWanted page is always a good place to start if you can't decide where you would like to contribute to the Fedora Project.



  • Represent Fedora at a local event

It does not have to be a Linux event. Think big, go to a music or media trade show and tell them how Fedora can help solve the problems they are facing. Help people understand why open media formats are better than proprietary.

If you are looking for ready-made presentations and ideas for talks, visit individual events pages, like FUDCon If you hold a talk, consider sending the slides to Alex Maier , so they can be published for others to use.

  • Alert Fedora about an event near you

Add the event to the FedoraEvents list yourself or simply send an email to Alex Maier

Idea.png If you are unsure of messaging, Fedora Talking Points is always a good source

Press and Public Relations

Press and Public Relations

  • Help us liaise with the press

The Press page is a good place to start

  • Help spread the word about Fedora

Review our resources for spreading news on all major development updates, releases, new projects and events related to Fedora. Consider picking one or two stories and alerting the press about it.

Fedora Ambassadors

Fedora Ambassadors

Fedora Ambassadors are people like you and me, who go to places where other Linux users and potential converts gather and tell participants about Fedora.

Fedora Ambassadors...

  • Represent the Fedora Project to the wider public
  • Help spread the word about Fedora, Linux, and Open Source
  • Are a point of contact for local community members and channel the feedback to Fedora Project
  • Help recruit project contributors

In short, Fedora Ambassadors do everything to help promote Fedora, Linux, and Open Source, and put an individual face on Fedora.

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BR [wiki:Self:Books Books] BR [wiki:Self:Marketing/Slides Fedora Presentations] BR [wiki:Self:Ambassadors/BusinessCards Fedora Business Cards]
'Stay in the Loop

Stay in the loop

If you are interested in helping to market Fedora, start by joining the mailing list. Watch for projects you would like to help with, and then jump on in!

  • The Fedora Marketing mailing list , hosts most discussions related to Marketing
  • MarketingGroup lists active Fedora Marketing contributors
  • [wiki:Self:Marketing/Meetings Meetings] - Regular meetings are held on IRC
  • [wiki:Self:Marketing/BrainDump BrainDump] - Marketing sandbox for new ideas, thoughts, and future Marketing goals
  • [wiki:Self:Marketing/Schedule Schedule] - Marketing schedule