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Contribution to Fedora Extras

I can't contribute to the Fedora Project if I don't contribute to Fedora Extras :)

I contribute for SIGs:

I am working on the following packages, and those packages which have been approved by me are still under my eyes :)

All the packages below have been rebuilt according to FC6MassRebuild


Maintaining and Packaging

Bugs to fix


Name of Package Summary Assigned to Bugzilla Number Status on Bugzilla
drawtiming A command line tool for generating timing diagrams non yet 246117 queued for review
gerbv Gerber file viewer from the gEDA toolkit Mamoru Tasaka 245985 approved
Netgen LVS netlist comparison tool TrondDanielsen 226725 being reviewed


Name of Package Summary Approved by Bugzilla Number
Crystal Crystal is a kwin window decoration theme, which offers you (pseudo) TRANSPARENT titlebar, buttons and borders. It also has some little usuability enhancements. RexDieter 196176
crystal-clear Crystal Clear KDE Icon set ParagAN 219962
crystal-project KDE Icon set MaximeCarron 245151
dolphin A file manager for KDE focusing on usability ParagAN 222589
geda - no longer distributed - Upstream freezed Project manager for gEDA Mamoru Tasaka 204259
geda-docs Documentation for gEDA Mamoru Tasaka 205150
geda-examples Circuit examples for gEDA Mamoru Tasaka 204601
geda-gattrib Attribute editor for gEDA Mamoru Tasaka 205043
geda-gnetlist Netlister for the gEDA project Mamoru Tasaka 205040
geda-gschem Electronics schematics editor Mamoru Tasaka 204598
geda-gsymcheck Symbol checker for electronics schematics editor Mamoru Tasaka 204605
geda-symbols This package contains a bunch of symbols of electronic devices used by gschem, the gEDA project schematic editor. Mamoru Tasaka 204263
geda-utils Documentation for gEDA Mamoru Tasaka 205151
gresistor To allow for identification, resistors are usually marked with colored bands. Often refereed to as color codes, these markings are indicative of their resistance, tolerance and temperature coefficient. Mamoru Tasaka 196120
gnucap GNU Circuit Analysis Package HansdeGoede claims ownership 205360
irsim Switch-level simulator Mamoru Tasaka 226715
kalgebra MathML-based graph calculator for KDE ParagAN 222571
katapult Katapult is an application for KDE, designed to allow faster access to applications, bookmarks, and other items. It is plugin-based, so it can launch anything that is has a plugin for. Its display is driven by plugins as well, so its appearance is completely customizable. It was inspired by Quicksilver for OS X. RexDieter 196262
kdirstat kdirstat (KDE Directory Statistics) is a utility program that sums up disk usage for directory trees - very much like the Unix 'du' command. It can also help you clean up used space. JasonTibbitts 196007
kdmtheme KDM Theme manager is just what it says a theme Manager for KDM. This control module allows you to easily add, remove and select any KDM theme you want. RexDieter 196177
keurocalc KEuroCalc is a universal currency converter and calculator ParagnAn 217557
kio_resources Kio_resources provides the "resources" protocol for KDE RexDieter 219915
kleansweep Reclaim disk space by finding unneeded files ParagAN 216285
ktechlab Development and simulation of microcontrollers and electronic circuits Mamoru Tasaka 206693
kmenu-gnome K Menu with Gnome folder and extra icons for Fedora Core 5. RexDieter 196003
knetstats KNetstats is a simple KDE network monitor that show rx/tx LEDs or numeric information about the transfer rate of any network interface in a system tray icon. HansdeGoede 193929
kpolynome KPolynome is a program to calculate mathematical polynomes based on given data coordinates. Mamoru Tasaka 203249
LabPlot Data Analysis and Visualization Mamoru Tasaka 221027
libgeda This package contains libgeda, the library needed by gEDA applications. Mamoru Tasaka 204168
libstroke LibStroke is a stroke interface library. Strokes are motions of the mouse that can be interpreted by a program as a command. Mamoru Tasaka 204423
liborigin Library for reading OriginLab OPJ project files DejiAkingunola 223598
Magic A very capable VLSI layout tool ParagAN 223591
Marble A KDE Desktop Globe Mamoru Tasaka 233754
Ngspice A mixed level/signal circuit simulator Mamoru Tasaka 204250
toped IC Layout Editor Mamoru Tasaka 208200
xcircuit Xcircuit is a general-purpose drawing program and also a specific-purpose CAD program for circuit schematic drawing and schematic capture. Mamoru Tasaka 203774

Take Over

The following are the packages which I took over for packaging for Fedora Extras, because the previous packager abandonned them and I really needed these packages for personnal use.

Name of Package Summary Status Previous Packager Assigned to Bugzilla Number
compat-guile Guile compatibility package take over completed GĂ©rardMilmeister 221698 Mamoru Tasaka
kshutdown KShutDown is an advanced shut down utility for KDE. take over Requested KushalDas Kevin Fenzi
pcb PCB is an interactive printed circuit board editor for the X window system. take over completed PeterJones HansdeGoede


The following are the packages which I am sponsoring, i.e which are assigned to me:

Name of Package Summary Packager Bugzilla Number
ksplash-engine-moodin Moodin is a splash engine for KDE Desktop JohanCwiklinski 221015 approuved
pypar2 A graphical frontend to par2cmdline written in Python MaximeCarron 229490 approuved
kadischi Fedora based LiveCD/LiveDVD creation utility JasperHartline 236162 reviewing

Reviewing and assigned to me

The following are the packages which I am reviewing, i.e which are assigned to me:

Name of Package Summary Packager Bugzilla Number
GshutDown Advanced shut down utility for GNOME XavierLamien 227228


Reviewed and Accepted

The following are the packages which I reviewed and accepted for Fedora Extras

Name of Package Summary Packager Bugzilla Number Status on Bugzilla
dekorator KDE window decoration engine Francois Aucamp 229319 Closed
gdmap GdMap is a tool which allows you to visualize disk space with one single picture. To display directory structures, cushion treemaps are used to visualize a complete folder or even the whole hard drive with one picture. DamienDurand 197753 Closed
gfa GTK+ fast address book DamienDurand 227244 Closed
glipper Glipper is a simple Clipboardmanager for the GNOME Desktop Environment DamienDurand 197796 Closed
jd JD is a 2ch browser based on gtkmm2 Mamoru Tasaka 206487 Closed
Kaffeine Xine-based media player RexDieter 213432 Closed
kcometen3 An OpenGL screensaver for KDE IanChapman 214311 Closed
kdeaccessibility KDE accessibility tools RexDieter 194276 Closed
kdegames K Desktop Environment - Games RexDieter 194374 Closed
kdenetwork K Desktop Environment - Network Applications RexDieter 195486 Closed
kicad Kicad is an open source (GPL) software for the creation of electronic schematic diagrams and printed circuit board artwork up to 16 layers. Alain PORTAL 193531 Closed
kita Kita is a 2ch client for KDE. Mamoru Tasaka 204461 Closed
klamav ClamAV Anti-Virus protection for the KDE desktop. Andy Shevchenko 193867 closed
medit Another very nice Gtk+ text editor DamienDurand 225038 Closed
ochusha The ochusha is BBS, especially, browser with GUI. It uses the GTK+ toolkit for all of its interface needs. The ochusha offers a sort of features such as multi-level popup view of response's, inlining and popup view of images that helps users to interact with BBSs. Mamoru Tasaka 204112 Closed
polyester KDE style and window decoration SebastianVahl 222220 Closed
prozilla Advanced Linux download manager KushalDas 209870 Closed
ruby-amazon Ruby interface to Amazon Web Services Mamoru Tasaka 237379 Closed
ruby-bsearch Binary search library for Ruby Mamoru Tasaka 236492 Closed
ruby-gettext-package Localization Library and Tools for Ruby Mamoru Tasaka 237380 Closed
ruby-romkan Romaji <-> Kana conversion library for Ruby Mamoru Tasaka 236491 Closed
ScientificPython Python modules that are useful for scientific computing JefSpaleta 220766 Closed