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What is it?

Fedora Community Blog (CommBlog) is a WordPress-based site which delivers news, updates, and calls for help from contributors across the entire Project.

Screenshot of Fedora Community Blog
Screenshot of the Community Blog


The content of the Community Blog varies, but mostly includes:

  • News about events in specific subgroups
  • Updates with new features or changes in Fedora
  • Calls of help for other contributors to assist
  • Official Elections coverage, including interviews
  • And anything else related to the Fedora contributor community!

Fedora Magazine vs. Community Blog

A common question asked by contributors is about what the difference between the Magazine and the Community Blog are. The Magazine and the Community Blog focus on two different audiences, or types of readers. While the Magazine tries to target a broad audience of everyday users of Fedora, Linux enthusiasts, and technology hobbyists in addition to Fedora contributors, the Community Blog only focuses on news specific to the Fedora Project and about things happening in Fedora.

For example, if an author wants to write an article about using ZNC and how to set it up on Fedora, it would be better to write the article for the Magazine and edit it more thoroughly for the broader audience. On the other hand, if a Fedora developer wants to share an update to a common service available for contributors, or an Ambassador wants to write an event report, it would be better to write this for the Community Blog.

Sometimes, there will be some overlap between the Magazine and the Community Blog. Perhaps an Ambassador is writing an event report with details about how they promoted Fedora and shared places to get involved with the Project. That advice might be useful to an everyday user looking to contribute to Fedora, but it is also useful to active Fedora contributors who want to keep up to date about what the Ambassadors are doing in the field. In a situation like this, it could go either way and it's best to decide based on context. Sometimes, one may be better than the other, or other times it might be a good idea to do the full article in one place and a shorter summary post on the other "pointing" readers to the full version. This is a great question to ask the CommOps team about if you are unsure!

Writing an article

The Community Blog is run by the Community Operations team, but it depends on the contributions of others across all the different subgroups of Fedora! We need your help to help share the awesome things you and your subgroup are working on with the rest of the Fedora community.

To get started writing an article, you should follow the Writing an article guide. The first step will involve you to talk with your subgroup and choose some delegates to help regularly write articles for the Community Blog. The articles don't have to be long - short "snippets" are welcome! Afterwards, have your team members introduce themselves on the CommOps mailing list.

The CommOps team also has weekly meetings on Tuesdays, 17:00 UTC. This is a great time to ask for help getting started!

Community Blog Theme

The WordPress theme used for the Community Blog is open source on Fedora Pagure. You can view the repository, submit pull requests for new ideas or improvements, and open issues if you find bugs, problems, or areas of improvement for the theme.

Before submitting a pull request, it is preferred that you email the CommOps mailing list first and ask for feedback on your planned contribution.


The Community Blog editors can be found on the CommOps mailing list. This is the best way to get in touch with them. You can find a list of current editors below.

Name FAS account IRC nick
Justin W. Flory (editor-in-chief) jflory7 jwf
Brian Exelbierd bex bexelbie
Brian Proffitt bproffit bkp
Matthew Miller mattdm mattdm
Nick Bebout nb nb