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Event Owner

Zacharias Mitzelos


DORS/CLUC is one of the biggest linux conferences in Croatia. Conference gathers international and local IT experts in order to exchange experiences and ideas. Fedora has been invited to participate in this event. Therefore, we will organize talks and various workshops, and have a nice booth full of swag.

Website: | DORS/CLUC 2015

Schedule: TBA

When and Where


Zagreb, Croatia. Venue TBA soon.



Suggested Talks & Workshops

Name Description Type (talk/workshop) Owner
What has changed in Fedora since fedora 20 A small introduction to Fedora, and all the latest developments of the initiative. Fedora 22 updates, and ways of contributing to the project Talk Zacharias Mitzelos
How to make a better world with Open Source? Power of open source in the world and within the Fedora community, and how can you be the part of it. Talk Zoltan Hoppar
Fedora Remixes - Build your own, custom version of Fedora An introduction to Fedora remixes. How to create a fedora remix yourself Workshop Zacharias Mitzelos
Rise of the Linux Desktop : Games on Fedora Change your PC to Gaming machine with Steam, UT4, CryEngine, Valve, Wine, Dosbox, etc. Talk Gergely Rákosi

Booth Personnel

There is a small entrance fee for non-speakers. If you are going to do booth duty, please sign up as a Fedora Attendee and contact Zacharias. We have been assured that Fedora contributors will participate for free in the conference.

Name Booth Setup Monday Tuesday Wednesday Clean-up Free Admission (confirmed) Comments
Zacharias Mitzelos
Zoltan Hoppar
Gergely Rakosi
Vedran Miletic

Items to Bring:

  • Demo laptops
  • XO Laptop
  • TV-Monitor
  • Media & Swag
    • F21 Multi-Desktop DVDs
    • Various Stickers
    • Pins
    • Flyers
    • Fedora Banners
    • Roll-up banner