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Fedora Website Design

New GetFedora Website

The Design Team helped design and launch the new GetFedora website for Fedora 21 - the first release of Fedora.Next. It started as a whiteboard session with the Fedora Project Lead and led to a set of new Fedora.Next themed websites to help people understand the direction of Fedora releases and getting a copy of the right version as easily as possible.

New Fedora Labs Website

The Design Team provided a brand new design for the new Fedora Labs website that showcases targeted functional spins. These spins focus on specific groups of applications that a particular user would want to install e.g. design, robotics, science, etc. The team provided mockups and website design work.

Anaconda Re-do

Design Team members helped with the redesign of the installation/setup process of Fedora using the Anaconda software. Their contributions included mockups, storyboards/comics, and usability testing. Members continue to be involved as enhancements are made to the process and software. More details can be found at the dedicated wiki page.