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Desktop Polish for Fedora 12

This page is an attempt to collect some of the small polish bug fixes and changes that the Fedora Desktop Team is doing for the Desktop in Fedora 12. Of course, there is no strict definition of what makes a bug a polish item vs an ordinary bug. And a lot of our bug fixing work happens upstream and is thus not specifically tracked as Fedora contribution. But this list may still give some indication of the amount of polish that the Fedora 12 desktop is receiving.

  • Remove icons from menus and buttons. After switching these settings, get the details right by follow-up patches to gnome-panel, nautilus, firefox, epiphany, empathy, gedit, gnome-system-monitor, rhythmbox, totem...
  • Turn off autorun in nautilus
  • Move gnome-power-statistics into a subpackage
  • Move gnome-dictionary into Accessories
  • Move gnome-sound-recorder into a subpackage
  • Move gnome-system-log into a subpackage
  • Move unattached notification bubbles to the top left corner
  • Fix icon for gnome-font-viewer #592642
  • Fix dragging of rotated monitors in gnome-display-properties #578109
  • Fix a crash in gnome-dictionary #592661
  • Update sensitivity of menu items in cheese #592663
  • Fix various issues in gnomine #592774, #574118, #592775, #592776,#592777
  • Add a close button to the Memmaps dialog in gnome-system-monitor #592758
  • Fix a bug in the gnome-screensaver that affected the 'Leave a note' and 'Switch User' buttons
  • Make presence status in the empathy statusicon menu have icons #592853
  • Remove space before ellipsis in yelp menuitems #592762
  • Remove two of the three 'About' menuitems in the System menu
  • Move gnome-window-properties into a subpackage
  • Remove the 'Interface' tab in gnome-appearance-properties
  • Remove 'Software Log' and 'Software Sources' as separate menuitems
  • Make slide shows visually distinct in the appearance capplet #591375
  • Add printer status icons for the print dialog that match the icon theme
  • Avoid annoying error dialogs in gpk-update-viewer when cancelling authentication
  • Get rid of the right-click menu in gpk-update-icon
  • Make the PackageKit browser plugin less bland and less chatty
  • Add a screencapture sound, #592372
  • Use the same bullets for password entries in plymouth and gdm