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Fedora Desktop

Welcome! This is the home page and clearing house for information for the Desktop SIG for Fedora. This page should be centered around Desktop-releated features and projects; for people and meetings, go to the SIG page .

Long Term Features

These are some of the features that we want to work on for F11 and beyond. See also Desktop/Whiteboards for in-planning ideas.

F15 Features

Features that we are working on with the goal to include them in F15.

F13 Features

Features that have been included in F13.

F12 Features

Features that have been included in F12.

We also have a page to collect 'polish' work that we are doing for F12 here

F11 Features

Features that have been included in F11.

F10 Features

Features that are in F10.

F9 Features

Features that were completed in F9.

  • Bluetooth Ongoing Bluetooth enhancements
  • Clock Applet Improve the support for multiple timezones/locations in the clock applet
  • Dictionary Support Fix the proliferation of dictionaries in Fedora
  • Fast X start up and shutdown Increase response time to 1 second from exec to accepting clients
  • Firefox 3 Upgrade to Firefox 3
  • gdm Update to new upstream Gnome Desktop Manager
  • Gvfs A userspace virtual filesystem with backends for things like sftp, ftp, dav, smb, obexftp, etc. It is the replacement/successor of gnome-vfs
  • More NetworkManager Expand the situations in which NetworkManager can be used and make it more robust
  • PackageKit Provide alternative package man agement system
  • Randr Support Use the capabilities offered by the Xrandr X extension throughout the desktop
  • Update X Server Update X server to at least version 1.5
  • XULRunner Introducing and ensuring that all the applications that need only the Gecko browser engine are using XULRunner

F8 Features

These are features that we have been working on for some time; most of them are available in F8 test2.