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Basically, this means listening for NetworkManager dbus signals and reacting appropriately. Depending on the application, this can include pausing/resuming downloads/uploads, reestablishing connections, retrying later, changing into offline or online mode or informing the user.

Relevant applications include (a number of these already do something reasonable when the network status changes):

  • firefox
  • evolution
  • IM client (pidgin/empathy)
  • ekiga
  • bittorrent client
  • apps for sharing:
    • files: gnome-user-share, nautilus, gvfs
    • desktop: vino/vinagre
    • music: rhythmbox
  • weather applet
  • clock applet
  • networked games:
    • chess
    • iagno
    • four-in-a-row
  • gnome-dictionary
  • abiword (collaborative editing)
  • PackageKit