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OGG-streaming Stations not included in F12

  • Deutsche Welle [ - [Virgin Media (Telewest Broadband Cable) - National, German Language News & Speech from Germany]
  • WCPE 89.7 Classical -24-hour classical music station from Wake Forest, NC USA.
  • TechnoBase.FM - TechnoBase.FM - 24h Techno, Dance, Trance, House and More - 48k OGG-Vorbis
  • Sofaspace Ambient Radio - Sofaspace Ambient Radio
  • Rainwave - Video game music, with unique next-song voting, ratings, and requests. (80kbps Vorbis)
  • - webradio francophone 100% libre
  • KRCL 90.9 - out of Utah. The purpose of KRCL is to provide media exposure for music, ideas and viewpoints that are under-represented in mainstream commercial media. KRCL airs 56 different music programs and 27 public affairs programs each week.
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