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Comparison between different LiveCDs

This is a short list of the gui applications on all livecds:

Application type Gnome KDE Xfce LXDE
Archive manager file-roller ark xarchiver xarchiver
Bittorrent transmission (ktorrent) transmission transmission
Burning Applications brasero, rhythmbox k3b xfburn -
Calculator gcalctool kcalc gcalctool galculator
Charmap gucharmap ? - -
CD Ripper sound-juicer kaudiocreator asunder asunder
CD-Player gnome-cd kscd totem -
Clipboard manager - klipper xfce4-clipman parcellite
Data management - kexi - -
Desklets - superkaramba - -
Desktop effects compiz beryl xfwm4 xcompmgr
Desktop sharing vino krfb - -
Development - - geany -
Dictionary gnome-dictionary ? xfce4-dict -
Disk usage analyzer baobab filelight - -
Document viewer evince kpdf, kghostview kdvi evince epdf
Download manager - kget - -
File browser nautilus dolphin, konqueror Thunar pcmanfm
FTP file transfer nautilus kftp gftp gftp
Games - kdegames - -
GnuPG-Frontend - kgpg seahorse -
Image manipulation gimp (koffice-krita) gimp mtpaint
Image viewer gthumb, eog kuickshow, digikam, showfoto, kview ristretto gpicview
Instant Messenger pidgin kopete pidgin -
IP Telephony - twinkle - -
IRC-Chat pidgin konversation pidgin lostirc
Login manager gdm kdm gdm slim
Mail client evolution kmail claws-mail sylpheed
Mixer pavucontrol kmix xfce4-mixer, pavucontrol pavucontrol
Movie player totem kaffeine totem gxine
Music player rhythmbox amarok quodlibet lxmusic
Network file sharing gnome-user-share ? thunar-shares-plugin -
Network manager NetworkManager knetworkmanager NetworkManager NetworkManager
Newsreader - akregator liferea -
Notes gnote knotes, kjots xfce4-notes-plugin -
Partitioning gparted gparted - -
Phone manager gnome-phone-manager kandy, kpilot - -
PIM evolution kontact orage osmo
Power manager gnome-power-manager kpowersave xfce4-power-manager -
Presentation - kpresenter - -
Remote desktop client - krdc - -
Scanning utility - kooka - -
Screensaver gnome-screensaver kscreeensaver gnome-screensaver xscreensaver-base
Search tool gnome-seach-tool kfind tracker-search-tool pcmanfm
Spreadsheat - kspread gnumeric gnumeric
System log viewer gnome-system-log - - -
System Monitor gnome-system-monitor ksysguard xfce4-taskmanager lxtask
Terminal gnome-terminal konsole Terminal lxterminal
Text editor gedit kwrite, kedit, kate mousepad leafpad
Time tracking & Alarm - karm, kalarm, ktimer xfce4-timer-plugin -
Usenet - knode - -
Vector Graphics - - inkscape -
Webbrowser firefox konqueror firefox midori
Word processor abiword koffice-kword abiword abiword