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Below are the goals for the Docs Project guides for Fedora 15. If you want to help, please reference the Guides|Ownership Chart. From there, you can find a partner for owned guides in progress and find guides in need of adoption.

Accessibility Guide

  • Update all instructions for GNOME Shell.

Amateur Radio Guide

Burning ISO images to disc Guide

  • Console burning for Linux (Bug #614258)

Fedora Live Images

  • Update browsing local partitions from Xfce live environment (Bug #673687)

Installation Guide

Installation Quick Start Guide

Managing Confined Services

Musicians' Guide

  • Fix Bugs 670540, 665660, 665662, 665664, 670520, 670533, 673519
  • Finish QA for Bugs 665663, 654187
  • Find a dedicated QA contact

OpenSSH Guide

Power Management Guide

Resource Management Guide


Security-Enhanced Linux

Security Guide

Software Management Guide

Storage Administration Guide

Technical Notes

User Guide

Virtualization Guide

Wireless Guide